You are living alone and do not want to spend too much for an apartment or a house with many rooms? Then 1 bedroom house for rent in Danang city with a cheap rental will be your perfect choice. It does not only help you to save your budget but also give you a large enough space to live comfortably.

1 bedroom house for rent in Danang

1 bedroom house is a great choice for those who live alone in the city – Image:

Benefits of a 1 bedroom house for rent

There are some benefits of a 1 bedroom house for rent that you must consider when finding accommodation in a new town. It is more than you thought.

First of all, if you are staying alone, sharing a room in a house with other home mates will not give you the private space. It is not mentioned that there might be some conflictions happen during the time you live with your friends. If you choose an apartment instead, you must pay for other fees such as parking fee, security fee, maintenance fee and so on. Moreover, the neighbourhood which is next to your wall will bring some disturbance.

more private space in a house rather than an apartment

Staying in a house gives you more private space than in an apartment.

Nextly, you will be free to have exciting parties with your friends. It is more comfortable for you to gather with friends and enjoy the weekend with music and food in your house than in an apartment. It would be a good chance to build your network in the new town. Moreover, having friends with you on the weekend and holidays will make you not to be homesick when living abroad.

Moreover, the space of a house is usually larger than an apartment. Therefore, you can decorate it as your own style. Furthermore, there is more space for you to relax in your home. Meanwhile, if you want to change something in the design and architecture of an apartment, you must be allowed by the building management. It is not convenient and comfortable at all.

In conclusion, if you are living alone in Danang, it is better to have a 1 bedroom house for rent in Danang to enjoy the wonderful life in this nice city.

1 bedroom house for rent in Danang

Be free to re-design your space in a house for rent.

New 1 bedroom house for rent in Danang with three floors

This 1 bedroom house for rent in Danang has three floors with many utilities that brings more convenience than you thought. The combination of neutral colours brings a comfortable and elegant feeling. Moreover, with smart decoration in a large area, this house is airy. Moreover, there are the windows around the walls, therefore, space is bright naturally. This house has only essential furniture. Hence, you can buy more stuff to make it more convenient.

1 bedroom house for rent in Danang

The living room is large and bright with the elegant colour combination – Image:

The living room is bright with just essential interiors such as a set of a salon table and a television. The rest space is still large. Therefore, you can buy any stuff to add more in order to make it warmer and more convenient. Additionally, there is a tall shelf in this space. You can use your favourite objects to make your own space more impressive.

1 bedroom house for rent in Danang

The small kitchen is full of utensils – Image:

There are a few rooms in this 1 bedroom house for rent in Danang. However, the owner sets only one room for sleeping. Hence, if you would like to design for more bedrooms, it is still fine.

1 bedroom house for rent in Danang

The bedroom is large with the impression pattern – Image:

There is a small dining table next to the living room that is a lightly comfortable space for you to enjoy the meal. You can cook your own meals in this house with modern kitchen utensils. This is a small space which is equipped with necessary furniture. There is an electric stove and a hood to help you remove the smell from your space.

1 bedroom house for rent in Danang

A small dining table which is suitable for one to two people using – Image:

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1 bedroom house for rent in Danang with open design

This 1 bedroom house for rent in Danang has one floor and a mezzanine. The bedroom is on the mezzanine. On the ground floor, the living room and the kitchen share the same space.

This is a small space that is suitable for one to two people living. Moreover, the house is a newly built one. Thus, every interior in the house is new with good quality. The living room is bright naturally with a large main door. Additionally, the light colour of the wooden floor makes this space fresher and brighter. Since it is not a large space, this house is designed smartly. It takes advantage of the area under the staircase to store. The kitchen is also in this space which has a full of utensils. It is just a small space next to the staircase but it is enough for one to two people living to use. Thus, do not forget to treat yourself well with the delicious dishes.

1 bedroom house for rent in Danang

An open design makes the whole house bright and airy with many glass door and windows – Image:

The bedroom on the mezzanine is bright and fresh too. There is a big glass window which leads to a breezy balcony. Thus, your sleeping space is much fresher. It gives you the chance to wake up every morning full of sunshine.

1 bedroom house for rent in Danang

A bright and airy bedroom – Image:

This 1 bedroom house for rent in Danang is located on Hoang Dieu street which is in the city center. Therefore, it provides you with tons of benefits of the location. From here, you can be easy to access to other destination. Moreover, there is a local wet market in this area. Thus, you can come to find cheap and fresh food everyday.

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