It’s easy to find 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom apartment for rent, but with a 3 bedroom apartment for rentit is another thing. In need of finding a large apartment to live in Danang, here are 2 recommends for you.

3 bedroom apartment for rent richico kitchen 3

Serviced 3 bedroom apartment for rent in Danang with elegant design – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Luxury 3 bedroom apartment for rent in Danang near the beach

Luxury apartment at the prime location

Sit at Nguyen Van Thoai street, a main road of Danang, there are many services surrounding this 3 bedroom apartment for rent. It’s easy to find a restaurant or a cafe within a few steps from the property. Especially, you can’t miss the delicious seafood restaurants. Besides, there are many foreign eateries that you can enjoy if you’re not into the Vietnam cuisines.

Due to a popular area gathering of travelers and expats, necessary utilities like banks, pharmacies, mini-marts, gas station, etc are just 200 meters away from the apartment. Moreover, it takes you only 5 minutes of walking to reach the My Khe Beach. This is a beautiful hot spot of Danang that attracts lots of tourists.

3 bedroom apartment for rent richico kitchen 1

The kitchen is furnished with modern and stylish furniture – Photo: Lodyhelp.

For a long term living, it takes 10 minutes going on foot to the An Hai Dong market. You can shop for fresh ingredients and other things at this local market.

Cozy and deluxe interiors

With a large area of 82 square meters, this 3 bedroom apartment for rent offers great amenities for you. Once you enter the threshold, the small kitchen is on the right hand. Despite its limited area, it has basic utensils like a kitchen hood, microwave, electric stove, fridge and so on. Moreover, there is a chic style washing machine in the kitchen as well. The dining set includes white leather chairs and wooden table. They make the room cozy and luxury at the same time. Next to the dining table is a lovely grey sofa.

3 bedroom apartment for rent richico kitchen 2

Despite the small space, the kitchen is so convenient with new utensils – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Then, one bedroom is separated by the wooden shelf. The wallpaper with charming patterns gives the room an elegant look. Furthermore, there is a balcony next to the bed. It lets the sunshine into the room, brings warm and bright all over the apartment.

3 bedroom apartment for rent richico bedroom 1

The bedroom with a balcony – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Another bedroom is established with a bathroom. Hence, it’s comfortable and private to live here. This bedroom also has a balcony inside. Thanks to this, the room is airy and always shining. The last bedroom is quite small and dark without a window. But this is an ideal space for who usually oversleep.

3 bedroom apartment for rent richico bedroom 2

Another bedroom of this 3 bedroom apartment for rent in Danang – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Overall, the interior is cozy and deluxe because of the wooden furniture and yellow lights. At the moment you’re in this 3 bedroom apartment for rent, you can feel welcoming. The new and modern furniture is a plus for this charming property.

3 bedroom apartment for rent richico pool

You can use the pool for free on the terrace – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Being in the building as a hotel, you can use some amenities like a pool and gym for free. Besides, the security is 24/24 and the cleaning service is free for three times a week. The door is a smart lock so you can feel safe when staying here. With the convenience and good facilities, you should consider this 3 bedroom apartment for rent to enjoy Danang daily living.

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3 bedroom apartment for rent in Danang in the city center

3 bedroom apartment for rent with the lake view

Located beside the large lake of the city, this 3 bedroom apartment for rent offers a great view and surrounding scene. Due to the city center, there are many utilities around like restaurants, cafes, electronic stores, clothes shops, banks, etc. Especially, there are lots of boozers around the lake. They are an interesting lifestyle of locals drinking beers with delicious food while sitting on the stools on the pavement. Therefore, you can enjoy it with your friends to feel the local life.

3 bedroom apartment for rent in Danang HAGL view

The wonderful view from the apartment – Photo: Lodyhelp.

In addition, it takes only 10 minutes of walking to reach Con market and Big C supermarket. Besides, it takes just 6 minutes to go to the Hoan My hospital. Furthermore, there are many services in the building as well. Hence, living here will give you a convenient daily life.

Large living space with basic furniture

Despite the large area of 110 square meters, this 3 bedroom apartment for rent only has basic furniture. The interior is so simple that you can redesign the apartment in your style with decorations. The wooden floor and furniture make you feel warm when entering the property.

3 bedroom apartment for rent in Danang HAGL kitchen

The kitchen has basic furniture – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Even said above, the kitchen still has full necessary utensils like cabinet, microwave, electric stove, etc. The space is quite large so you can move comfortably. Near the kitchen is a wooden dining table set.

On the other hand, all 3 bedrooms have bed and wardrobe included. Depending on each has a bedside cabinet or a table. But all of them are bright and airy thanks to the light from windows.

3 bedroom apartment for rent in Danang HAGL bedroom 1

Wooden furniture makes the bedroom cozy and deluxe – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Particularly, there is a bathroom that has a bathtub. Hence, this 3 bedroom apartment for rent is a great choice for who love soaking in the bathtub to relax. The bathrooms are tiled so they’re clean.

3 bedroom apartment for rent in Danang HAGL bathroom

The bathtub is a bonus point for this property – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Although the interiors are simple, they’re still useful to help you have a comfortable everyday living. Moreover, the apartment also allows pets so you can live happily with your lovely little friends. A big bonus point that you can admire the sparkling street at night with the view from the high floor. With a cheap price combined with the facilities you can get, don’t miss this apartment!

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One apartment near the beach and one in the city center. So let’s consider your requirement carefully and choose a great 3 bedroom apartment for rent in Danang. They are perfect choices for a big family living a long term in this beautiful city.

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