Have you ever been annoyed having to spend too much time on dress matching every day? Are you tired of rummaging through the wardrobe to choose a suitable outfit before a party or a dynamic T-shirt to go out with friends?

There are many smart applications on mobile devices that help you to solve those problems. If you miss the chance to try one of them, it would be a great regret you have ever made in the industry 4.0.

How has online dress matching technology saved our time?

The most popular technologies that the developers use in fashion applications are AI and virtual technology. It helps to bring a realistic experience to fashion lovers to try on clothes right at home.

As long as they have a smart fashion application in their devices, they will not need to go to the store for shopping anymore.

Additionally, AI technology could give users great dress matching. Instead of standing in front of the mirror for hours, you just need to import the clothes you have in your clothset.

Those smart applications will give you the best outfit for different purposes. Moreover, you will never worry about the out of date in your fashion gout or the mistake of color mixing.

Smart fashion applications have greatly contributed to the fashion industry. Especially during the pandemic time, people are not allowed to go out and stores are not allowed to open, those applications become the best solutions for both customers and fashion stores.

Virtual online dressing room eliminates shopping difficulties

Fashion shoppers can only choose things but not try them on with traditional shopping methods. However, things have changed with technology. A wide application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology in fashion shopping and to e-commerce has solved the buyers’ problems.

Nowadays, brands can promote their products easily and buyers can try on their picked items on the smart fashion apps.

Displaying AI technology - the efficient solution for dress matching - thaontt

A model demonstrates AI technology with the chosen item’s details displayed on the mirror at a pop-up store. Image: szdaily.com.

Retailers and fashion brands do know how to take advantage of technology to attract more customers. Moreover, they also become much clever in making strategies to get customers’ loyalty.

Furthermore, AI technology in the fashion shopping industry helps them to eliminate their difficulties in finding and purchasing their products. For example, fashion brands spend money on the implementation of online clothes-fitting technology.

On the customer side, they can try on any items that they want with their virtual model on such dress matching apps by importing their own photos. Additionally, AI technology can even suggest customers mix their favorite clothes fashionably based on images of clothes they uploaded.

Each person has their own body size, resulting in different sizes of clothes. No matter which sizes your body suits, when your body image is inserted into the app, it will automatically bring out the models that match your body.

This is also an important factor that smart applications can solve. It is to help users find it easier to choose sample sizes and then go to the final decision. Therefore, this is a significant smart technology applied to develop the fashion industry.

In addition, customers don’t need to worry about physical distance. They can now buy and try-on clothes directly through such virtual dressing rooms.

The superiority of the dress matching apps has now been proven to bring economic benefits not only to the fashion brands but also to the consumers who are looking for things that can help them in shopping and trying products.

Create your own style with smart technology is easier than ever with dress matching function

In some way, technology experts can understand the needs of fashion lovers when these applications can now give all the users a hand to create a suitable style from their own wardrobes.

Imagine that every morning you have to choose clothes, makeup, and do hairstyle at the same time. You choose from one to the other but still unable to get a satisfactory outfit. Or you become overwhelmed preparing for parties, finding a T-shirt or an outfit that makes you stand out from the crowd.

It does not mention a bunch of accessories that you have bought. How to mix them perfectly with the dress you have just picked? It wastes too much time preparing for a favorite outfit before going out with friends.

Such smart dress matching apps are the ones that bring you the most effective solutions. All you have to do is to take a picture, upload it to the app. The rest is part of the apps. It will show you how the outfits suit your bodies.

Additionally, with advanced technologies such as AI or machine learning, those apps could give you the best outfit mix from the clothes you imported. It does not take you much time to think about mixing which one with which one to have a better look.

Displaying AI technology - the efficient solution for dress matching - thaontt

A woman using a virtual fitting room in a store. Image: ardev.es

In Vietnam, IGen (Y & Z) generations are considered as trend leaders as they are the ones who experience and use the latest technology. Smartphones are always an inseparable item in their daily life.

They use smartphones to update information from social networks. They upload videos to Youtube, share their photos, their story on social channels. And they contact their friends every day.

It shows a clear prediction that Vietnam will be an ideal market for AI technology investors. Their “sophistication” is an important push to promote the application of technology to develop in the near future.


Online dress matching apps are not a newbie in the market. And we cannot deny the great distribution that they bring to the fashion industry. The virtual fitting room will continue to be a helpful solution for fashion stores.

Furthermore, it also gives a hand to satisfy buyers’ desires. They could easily choose and try on items right at their home. Moreover, they could be free to create their own styles with the intelligent support of smart apps.

The application of AI technology in the fashion industry is really a big breakthrough in the human race. Let’s follow up and support the progressive development of AI technology and its application to the fashion industry to see how useful it is for the Fashion industry and for humankind.