Most expats and tourists choose an apartment to experience Da Nang due to amenities and affordable price. However, ever you consider the pros and cons of renting a house? And when you should rent a house in Da Nang instead of an apartment? Here are some factors you should take a look before making the decision.

rent a house in Da Nang garden living room

Why you should rent a house in DaNang? – Photo: Internet.

Rent a house in Da Nang: Pros consider


Privacy is the first thing that everyone seeking in a house. No need to share the walls or the common areas with other residents, renting a house gives you all the space to live in your own style. Moreover, living in an apartment makes you worried about the noise. It’s so annoying when you make noise or suffer the noise from the next door. In case you live in the bottom room, you will hear the footsteps frequently. A little scary, right? Therefore, if you wish for privacy, rent a house in Da Nang is a good choice.


rent a house in Da Nang gardenA house offers more living space than an apartment – Photo: Internet.

If you move to Da Nang with your family including children, rent a house is a great option. It has more rooms than an apartment, so it gives more spaces for you and your child to have privacy. Most Danang houses have a front yard or back yard so you might have a weekend BBQ with your beloveds or decorate a lovely garden.

Da Nang is a developing real estate market with clean air and good facilities. Hence, with the same price, rent a house in Da Nang offers more space than in Ho Chi Minh or Ha Noi. Therefore, it helps you to experience a more comfortable and convenient life.


Most apartments in Da Nang are very strict about pets. But with a house, having a pet is more acceptable. Or the owner can be flexible with your requirement because they don’t need to have permission from anyone. As a result, if you want to live with your little cute guy, you should consider renting a house. Besides, houses give more space to your pets to live and play.

rent a house in Da Nang catsRent a house is a good choice for living with pets – Photo: Unplash.


A bonus point for living in a house is that you can have more space to park your vehicles. Renting an apartment means that you have to share the parking area with many people in the building. Sometimes, you have to wait for a long line to take your bike out or worry to scratch other vehicles. Furthermore, in rush hour, it usually has no space to park your transportations as well. Rent a house in Da Nang that offers wide space for parking so you can even have a car. A car will be a savior if your family has many members, especially little children. Also, go shopping with a car is more convenient for unloading goods.

Rent a house in Da Nang: Cons consider


rent a house in Da Nang kitchenA beautiful kitchen of a house in Da Nang – Photo: nhadepso.

Of course for renting a house will cost you more than an apartment. The price to rent an apartment in Da Nang with basic furniture around 250 USD – 800 USD per month. On the other hand, rent a house in Da Nang normally costs you 400 USD and up depending on the location, size and inclusions.

With houses on the main roads or the city center, it even costs more than 700 USD per month. Because of the high price, you should consider your finance and state beforehand. The question is what’s really need for you and the ones you live with?

Lack of amenities

rent a house in Da Nang architectureYou can decorate the house in your style – Photo: nhadepso.

Unlike apartment with many amenities included like pool, gym, cleaning services, etc, a house will not support any for you. In many cases, it also lacks basic furniture so you have to buy interiors before moving in. Moreover, if there are any broken or damages, you have to fix it by yourself or ask for help from someone else. Also, you have to spend an amount of money for maintenance.

Some recommended websites to rent a house in Da Nang

Dot Property

  • Website:

Dot Property is a trustworthy website for you to find properties in Asia. With a friendly interface and clear information, it helps you much to find a house for rent easily. In case you have more needs in other property types, this website provides diversified choices that you can’t miss out.


rent a house in Da Nang Hoa XuanA lovely house located at Hoa Xuan area in Da Nang – Photo: nhadepso.

Not only support you to rent a house in Da Nang, but Lodyhelp also provides information about services in the city like eateries, fitness centers, laundry, etc. With some simple steps, you can choose the favorite one and the salesman will take you to see the house.

House Rental Da Nang

  • Website:

Like its slogan “Let our local experts guide you home!”, House Rental Da Nang helps you to rent a house easily. With local experience and guide, you can have many tips to have your rent.

Da Nang Landlord

  • Website:

A local site helps you to rent a house in Da Nang with full information and photos. If you want to focus on only Danang properties, it’s worth a visit to drop by the site.

rent a house in Da Nang spaceYou can use the space in creative ways when living in a house – Photo: kienxinh.

Central Vietnam Realty

  • Website:

Offer many choices of properties in Central Vietnam but mostly are in Da Nang, you should pay a visit to the site in need of renting a house here.


rent a house in Da Nang space

Overall, if you plan to stay in Danang in the long term (more than one year) with your children or pet, rent a house in Da Nang is a good choice. Besides, you should consider your finance and the neighborhood carefully before having the decision.

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