When you decide to leave for Danang to work or study, finding an apartment for rent in Danang must be one of the hardest parts of your journey. If your budget can afford, you can choose a house that contains all of your belongings. Otherwise, a dirt cheap apartment might be broken down. Moreover, there are times when you have problems with the contract because you didn’t read the clauses carefully before signing. Here are some tips for you to avoid these troubles.

apartment for rent in danang

Tips for looking for an apartment for rent in Danang.

Take your time to find an apartment for rent in Danang

Students are often in a hurry in the first weeks when they have not found a suitableapartment for rent in Danang. Even if “everyone tells me to take this”, you should not be rushed, especially when you don’t really like it. You should be alert when the landlord tells you that “there are 5 more tenants being interested in this property”. It is most likely that there are no tenants and he just wants to trap you. In short, don’t put pressure on signing a contract when that apartment still has something not clear.

Tips for looking for an apartment for rent in Danang.

Don’t be in a rush for an apartment for rent in Danang.

Don’t pick the “best looking” apartment for rent in Danang

Most of you may be overwhelmed by the house with a velvet sofa, wooden floor or a thin screen TV. But think about further things when looking for an apartment for rent in Danang. Think about what you really need from that apartment. They can simply be a chair, a storage room, a big refrigerator, a matching table or an apartment with more than one bathroom. Let’s overcome the “cool” looks to pay attention to what is really necessary. They can be attractive, but they must be useful first.

apartment for rent in danang c

A gorgeous apartment may be attractive but it must be useful first. – Source: Plum Guide.

The cheap apartment isn’t a bargain

As I said before, don’t choose an apartment in Danang just because it has an unreasonably low price. There must be some reasons for that snip. It may be because the surrounding area is too dangerous or the house has problems. When you come across a home like that, ask yourself if it is convenient to live in it, and does it meet your demands?

apartment for rent in danang d

Be careful with a steal price. You might be stolen! – Image: Nguyen Thanh Long.

Moreover, you can talk to the former tenants and neighbors for more information that the householder won’t let you know. You can know what happened to those tenants or is it safe to jogging at 5 a.m here.

You can negotiate for the apartment for rent in Danang

After a hard time, you will select an apartment for rent with acceptable price. However, there is a thing that you may forget that you are able to negotiate the price with the landlord. Renters can negotiate with a landlord to change some clause in the contract – including the deposit or the lease length. You can even talk about whether pets are allowed and other details. Sometimes, you can discuss the biggest cost of all – the rental fee. It will work especially when you’re renewing. If local rental market rates haven’t changed since the last contract, you can oppose an increase the landlord has set. Tell the landlord that for the same rate, you could get an apartment with more amenities then you may win the deal!

Pay attention to other fees of the apartment for rent in Danang

Lastly, when signing a lease contract, you must check out the monthly electricity price and water price. Tenants should choose an apartment for rent in Danang with water meters, electricity meters to measure exactly how much they have consumed. Especially for an apartment, it is necessary to clarify the building management fee, maintenance fee, area lighting, and so on.

apartment for rent in danang e

You should clarify other fees before signing the contract to lease an apartment for rent in Danang.

You also need to consider the distance between the apartment for rent in Danang to places you will visit frequently. The first places to think of are the supermarket and your school or your office. Find out if your home is far from them, and how far and how much it will cost you to get there.

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