The market of apartments for rent in Da Nang is now extremely active and expected to bring customers the best service and profit for real estate investors. So, for tourists or those who are working in the short term in Da Nang want to rent real estate, what they need to pay attention to ?.For example, information about the new rental services as well as exactly price of apartments for rent in Da Nang.

A good quality apartment should be an apartment with reasonable price, have various utilities and good security for tenants. Now let’s find out some typical the criteria of apartments for rent in Da Nang to help you visualize easily

1. The situation of apartment for rent in Da Nang

Information you need to know about apartments for rent in Danang

Apartment with great view for rent in city center

Da Nang is known as a famous tourist attraction that not only domestic but also foreign tourists love and want to return. Being long, clean and charming, Da Nang beach is considered to be the most beautiful beach in the world. Besides, it is where a lot of big festivals as well as important conferences are held. So, Da Nang always attract a great number of investments in apartments for rent from real estate investors.

Apartments for rent are mostly located near the beach or main streets in the center of Da Nang. All of them have great view, are convenient for transportation, near commercial centers, spa or shopping malls.

The market of apartment for rent in Da Nang is really active. The apartment are designed in various style to make it easy for tenants.

2. Range of prices of apartments for rent in Da Nang.

There are a wide range of prices of apartment for rent in Da Nang, depending on location, number of rooms as well as utilities in this apartment. Serviced apartments can be at range of price from 400 to 1.500USD/month. For mid-range apartments with less utilities, the price can be from 200 to 400 USD/month which can be suitable for a large number of domestic customers as well as foreign tourists.

3. Security problems of apartments for rent in Da Nang

Tenants express a deep concern about find safe apartments for rent in Da Nang due to the fact we can only live peacefully when the apartment have good security system. Most of apartments for rent in Da Nang are 24/7 security with professional and responsible security guards.

Information that you need to know about apartments for rent

4.Pet policy in apartments for rent in Da Nang

Pet policy is one of problems that many people who intend to rent an apartment concern. Because nowadays raising pet becomes a hot trend and many people have intention of keeping a pet in their rented apartment.

In Da Nang, most of tenants are forced to keep a pet in their apartments. Besides, pet care services are developing and provide a lot of preferential policies.

5. Beauty centers.

People whose intention of renting an apartment in Da Nang or who are living here for a long time are deeply concerned about beauty services such as massage, fitness centers, etc and its quality. Today, beauty services like spa, message, gym, yoga or cinemas, restaurants with variety of high quality services (5 stars) are developing in apartments areas in Da Nang.

Tourists are in favor of Da Nang because of beautiful landscapes, friendly and honest people. Moreover apartment for rent are reasonable price, clean, good security and full utility. So, apartments for rent in Da Nang always make good impression to tourist as well as who intend to live here.

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