If Sai Gon is famous for snacks, street delicacies, Da Nang is also well known about these delicacies. Herein is Da Nang cruisine you have to try once in your life when visiting Da Nang.

The overview of Da Nang cruisine you should try once

The overview of Da Nang cuisine you should try one

Nowadys Da Nang is becoming famous for tourist sighseeings that attract a lot of visitors from many places not just for natural beauty but also Da Nang – brings a specific soul that every visitor will never forget after trying once. There are many delicacies in Da Nang such as Cao Lau. Quang noodle, Banh trang cuon thit heo,Banh ben, Calves,  Chicken served with rice, .. all of them bring a specific taste. Let us show you Da Nang crusine and places for eating below

2. My Quang (Quang Noodle)

The overview of Da Nang cruisine you should try once

Quang Noodle- a very attractive Da Nang delicacy

It is no doubt that anyone who has come to Da Nang can never forget Quang Noodle – a dish is called Da Nang delicacy. Quang Noodle feature is processed abundantly with thick, hard and big noodles and square ribs, nake-head fish, eel, grill chopped crabs. it can’t be lack  roasted paenuts, grilled crispy sesame rice cake. This is a traditional dish and links with Da Nang people life for years. It is more interesting that it does not change the taste for a long time. It will make everyone who comes to visit here once unforgetable.

2. Bun Cha Ca ( Fish Ball Noodle)

The overview of Da Nang cruisine you should try once

Bun Cha Ca brings a fragrant, fresh scent that nowhere can have

If you come to any big or small city , it is very easy to find a Fish Ball Noodle restaurant, but Da NanG Fish Ball Noodle has it own specifications. When it is said about fish, most of peopl will feel the fishy smell but attractive Da Nang cruisines, specially fish related dishes they are no longer the fishy smell, it is almost smooth- tongued scent of the noodle bowl served with vegetables sweet taste and soup’s well-cooked taste, which anyone who tried always has good and comments.

3. Banh Xeo

The overview of Da Nang cruisine you should try once

Banh Xeo is crispy with the fresh shrimp and meat scent combined with specially green vegetables

Banh Xeo is made from ground rice flour combined with egg yolk and turmeric for wrapper. And inside it is choose from fresh shrimps and a little lean and fat meat mixed , fresh bean sprouts served with salad and herbs, deeply into soy made from pig liver and green peanuts. The combination makes a Da Nang cheap dish that can not be more attractive. Just hearing and want to try.

Herein is 3 of 40 must-eat dishes. If you have chance to visit here you should not miss to taste these dishes, from street eating places to well-known restaurants here!

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