People do not only know that Da Nang- a place called  “the most beautiful beach in the world” , the “most desirable city in Vietnam” that people know about Da Nang with Ba Na Hills – one of many famous tourist in Danang in particular and of the whole Middle centre” in general. This place is considered by many visitors as the scenery with many beautiful sights, many interesting things, there are unique architectural works. So what special things in Ba Na Hills make this place called “paradise” of Da Nang?

Things make Ba Na Hills called as ” the paradise” of Da Nang.

What makes the Ba Na Hills called “ the paradise " of Da Nang?

Ba Na Hills is a great place for you to have fun, rest and relax.

Ba Na Hills is an amusement park located in Ba Na Mountain in the Annamite Mountains of Hoa Ninh, Hoa Vang District, about 25km southwest of Da Nang. Ba Na Hills is 1489 meters above sea level, where the landscape is beautiful and the climate is excellent. Ba Na Hillsl always attracts domestic and foreign tourists by:

1.Beauty attracts tourists:

Ba Na Hills is one of the four seasons : spring – summer- autumn – winter, so when coming to Ba Na, tourists not only enjoy the fresh air, with the diversity of  green, clean and beautiful trees but also the landscape with diverse designs. French Village in Ba Na is a small French village with street blocks, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping center, hotel village of French 4 stars standard always make you feel to be immersed in a romantic France.

The garden of Le Jardin D’Amour is always a place to attract tourists and young people with thousands of flowers that  are famous around the world. If you take the cable and look from the cabin,  you can also see the scenic wilderness with majestic waterfalls, forests and thousands of rice fields , which certainly make you remember and want to return to Da Nang.

2.An interesting checking place. :

What makes the Ba Na Hills called “ the paradise " of Da Nang?

This peaceful and charming place will make you feel at home.

For young people, Ba Na is not only a destination to help you know more about the place, the tourist in the country, but also help you check pictures with their  friends. The statue that certainly does not have anywhere. French Village, antique wine cellar, wax statue, Le Jardin D’Amour gardens … are always the place to help you “live virtually” and remember forever.

3.Great Resorts:

 People come to Da Nang, come to Ba Na Hillls, Ba Na Hills is the first choice for the whole family resort. With fresh living space, various services, Ba Na helps you and your family have a new experience and reduce stress and  tire after hard working days. You can visit, take a walk, take part in games at Fantacy, enjoy dinner at famous restaurants with dishes from all over the country and made from great  chefs all over the world, which  make sure that you and your family are satisfied.

4.Ticket prices and services here. :

Entertainment services in Ba Na Hills are very diverse and visitors coming here once can experience services such as mountain climbing, enjoying the circle  of the century, restaurant services, shopping services, accommodation services at 4 star hotels  …

-Ticket prices are adjusted from 01/04/2017 to 31/12/2017 as follows:

  • For non-provincial tourists: Adult ticket price  is 650,000 VND, children  from 1m -1m3 is 550,000 VND (this price applies to guests who are not resident in Da Nang).
  • For Da Nang visitors : the adult ticket price is  400,000 VND, children from 1m – 1m3 is 300,000 VND.

With a beautiful tourist site, fresh climate, an unique architectural design with the multitude of utility services that Ba Na Hills  is sure to be the tourist destination that  you should come once in your life.

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