In Southeast Asia, you NEED a motorbike! There’s really no better way to get around. It’s definitely one of my favorite things about living on this side of the world. Every time we move, Jake searches for an hour or two on Facebook and Google until we find the cheapest place.

The Best and CHEAPEST Motorbike Rental in Hanoi

Why the cheapest? Because the quality of the bike doesn’t really matter. We’ve always gone with the cheapest and yes, we push the limits of those 125ccs. Sometimes even 150ccs if we’re lucky, but it makes it!

And if it doesn’t? You’re in luck. Flat tire? Only cost us $1.50 to get it fixed. There’s no point in getting insurance on these bikes (if they do offer that to you) because fixing them is SO DANG CHEAP.


So now that’s out of the way, where’s the cheapest rental in Hanoi?

Phung Motorbike!

They have motorbikes and motorcycles for sale, the best scooter rentals in Hanoi, and they also are great at fixing bikes! You can find reviews and contact them on their Facebook page before heading in to rent a motorbike from them!


The prices vary depending on how long you rent! We rent our motorbike monthly and it costs 1 million dong per month or about $43. This is the perfect solution if you are living in Hanoi! But of course, a monthly motorbike lease is going to cost less than if we paid daily.

They have a website if you are interested in buying a bike or renting a motorcycle or scooter and you want to see the prices on different kinds of motorbikes ahead of time.

They change the rates depending on whether you plan on taking the bike outside of Hanoi, how powerful the motorbike is, and whether it’s automatic, semi-automatic or manual. This page on their site shows the different prices.

The price includes 2 helmets (which all rentals across Southeast Asia include, so don’t pay extra for that!)

Bich Dong Pagoda on a motorbike


Every rental place will need you to either leave a deposit of a certain amount of money or leave a passport. Some people get nervous about giving their passport, but we’ve never had a problem. Some motorcycle rentals in Hanoi will accept a driver’s license, but you don’t want to give yours if you plan to be driving.

Which brings us to the last note on this post: Is this legal?


Technically speaking, no this is not legal unless you have a Motorcycle License from the country you are from. On top of that you would need an International Driver’s License (which you can get from AAA for about $35).

Motorbike in rice fields

However, it’s pointless. Some countries like Thailand and Indonesia have cops that look out specifically for tourists because they want to make money off you. They will pull you over and expect you to pay them a small bribe. Never pay more than $10 and less if you can get away with it!

I am not condoning this, but when Jake and I are in those countries and the cops are on foot, we just pretend we don’t see them and keep going. We’ve avoided at least 10 tickets just because they can’t do anything and they’re corrupt anyways.


The cops in Vietnam have NEVER pulled us over! There are cops out and we just drive past them when they are doing “cop stops”. They never seem to target us here. So it’s a lot less stressful than Bali or Chiang Mai where we received multiple “tickets.”

busy road in Hanoi

So even if it’s not legal, the worst that could happen is that you get a ticket that costs like a tenth of what you’d pay in a first world country! It’s never really bothered us besides getting a little irritated when the corruption is so obvious.


Seriously, renting a bike is a blast! Just going from our house to the store becomes an adventure when we are in Asia all because of our adorable little bike! We even met some people at this shop who were renting or buying motorcycles to drive all the way from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City!

We have been on quite a few motorbike trips through Vietnam from Da Nang to Hoi An, Mai Chau to Pu Luong, Hanoi to Ninh Binh and then Hanoi to Halong Bay! And for all of them, we used a motorbike rental!

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