When buying a home, the first thing that the homeowner needs to care about is whether the house has a  suitable feng shui or not  to avoid the unfortunate as well as bring a lot of money to members of the family. However, not everyone knows how to identify and choose to buy houses by feng shui. Please refer to the following article, to understand more about this issue.

Experience choose to buy house by feng shui


How to identify and choose to buy houses by feng shui

Choose to buy houses according to Feng Shui must grasp the principles of good house direction.

In order to have a happy family life, we have to choose to buy houses by feng shui. And to choose the direction of good homes need to grasp the following principles:

  • Determination of the direction of the home should be based on the location of the land used to house.
  • Depends on wind direction. With the tropical monsoon as in Vietnam, we will rely on the southeast wind and northeast wind.
  • Depends on the intensity of the rays of the sun.

And orientation suitable to the geographical areas in our country are:

  • North: south and southeast.
  • Central region: east, southeast and south.
  • South: South East and South.
  • Western coastal areas: the south and southwest.

The direction of the house is only general, however, to determine the direction of the home when buying a home depends on the land.

in addition, when buying a home, arrangement of rooms in the house also need to pay attention. The experience of buying house to feng shui in the central area of the house should be a common living space, not a bedroom or a kitchen. The purpose is to increase the cohesion and harmony of the members of the home. If there is a staircase should choose straight or curved staircase, should not choose a spiral staircase. Do not buy a house with a kitchen in the North West because it will consume the fortune of the male breadwinner in the family.

How to choose a good direction by feng shui

How to identify and choose to buy houses by feng shui

Determining the direction of good houses according to Feng Shui.

For a house, direction is very important. And the way to choose a good  direction for Feng Shui is the direction of a straight line perpendicular to the face of the house. And the front of the house is not the other side of the house.

In this article, we have shared about how to identify and choose to buy houses by feng shui. Hopefully through this article you can define yourself and choose your own house with good direction as well as the layout of the room according to Feng Shui to bring more luck and funds for the members living. here.

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