Cocobay Da Nang Project is a large project, attracting investors right away it is launched. Despite high budgets and widespread advertising on the media, this project still have many problems make the investors skeptical.

Cocobay Da Nang Project location

Cocobay Da Nang Project and issues that investors are skeptical

When the Cocobay Da Nang Project was launched, the promoted location is in Truong Sa street, which is 15 minutes from the center of Da Nang or Hoi an ancient town.

However, it is quite different from the advertisement, the Cocobay Da Nang Project is not near the center of Da Nang or Hoi An Ancient town. The real location is near Dien Ban district, where the industrial park was once mentioned in term of environmental pollution. Therefore, the resort project is located not far from the industrial park, which is not advantage to develop tourism real estate.

Besides, although the Cocobay Da Nang Project takes the advantage of being located between two big golf courses, the location is quite far from the center and Hoi An town make many investors hesitate when deciding to invest in this project.

Cocobay condotel

Cocobay Danang Project and issues makes investors skeptical

The Cocobay project is carried out in the condotel model.

The Cocobay Project is carried out in the condotel model. This is condotel model with an area from 39.1 m2 to 89.2 m2. According to the estimation, investors can earn at least 12% per year over a period of 8 years, and they are supported to take out a loan up to 70% in a period of 25 years.

However, it is recommended that this model should not be too abusive in Da Nang. By now, numerous condotel projects have been licensed in a short time can be less effective than expected.

The benefits from this Cocobay Condotel model will make the investors skeptical in the future. For investors, profit is the key element to decide to invest in this Condotel model or not.


The Cocobay project in Da Nang is carried out by the owner of the Empire Group. The forerunner of this corporation is Thanh Do Investment Development and Construction.

Empire Group does not reach the stature of a large corporation owning to the fact that it is widely known only when the Cocobay project was deployed. Hence, the capacity of investors is also a question for real estate investors.

In this article, we have shared some information about Cocobay project and some problems in this project. We hope that with provided information, you can make a right decision of whether you invest in this project or not.

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