Condotel is a kind of 2 in 1 real estate, functions not only as a hotel but also as an apartment. with many outstanding utilities, it is becoming a new real estate trend in Da Nang.

Real estate situation in Da Nang city

Condotel and new real estate trends in Da Nang City

   Many Investors choose to invest in Da Nang Condotel 

Danang is a blessed city  by nature in all aspects. It not only has many beautiful places but also interfers two big cultural tourism cities – Hoi An and Hue. Thanking to that, Da Nang is becoming a tourism city , acttracting a huge amount of investment. Therefore, Da Nang real estate is very active.

Many huge housing investment projects have been deployed in Da Nang, specially some resort real estate projects. Besides  the hotel system is running, a lot of near-by beach villas or apartments for resort are attracting lots of  investors’ attention.

Due to a evaluation, investors tend to condotel segment because they hope to get achievable profits from a long rent in the future.

Condotel anda new real estate trend in Da Nang City


Da Nang Condotel tends to increase in many huge investment projects 

Da Nang real estate in the last middle of 2017 is still active. The hotel market still achieves the ratio of 62 %, increasing to 2 % compared to last year. Villas near by the beach is slightly increases because the supply is not huge and customers hardly choose this kind of villas.  On the other hand, Condotel is not like that. Since receiving many investors’ attention, convenient Condotel supply quantity in first 6 months is 6,714 apartments.

In the evaluation at the end of the year, this number will increase by 1,350 apartments. And some projects are shifted to the period of 2018-2019. Therefore, the total of luxury and convenient Condotel in 2 year can be up to 9,000 apartments. With these number, it is not exaggerated to say that Da Nang Condotel tend  is developing and becoming a real estate trend in Da Nang nowadays.

And the convenient resorts such as luxury room, pool. equipped kitchen… specially customers have fully rights to own the resort apartment. So Condotel ‘s price is not cheap at all. But to obtain these best utilities with luxury and class relaxing space, that amount of money is all derseverd.

Hope that after this article, we provide you with a full aspects of Condotel as well as the development of Da Nang real estate nowadays. Surely  you will not only have a class relaxing space , but also get an amount of profit from Condotel for rent.

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