Having the list of the most crowed and busiest markets in Danang means that you know one third of the tourism paradise in Danang. The market is the place reflecting the life, habits and culture of the people living there. Now, we are introducing you three most famous and busiest markets in Danang.

1/ The Con Market (Food paradise)Visiting the most crowed and busiest markets in Danang

If you are a sack addicted, you certainly cannot ignore the Con market when visiting Da Nang city. This name comes from the fact that it was built in a high land in the city center in 1940. This is where the history associated with memories of people living in Danang.

Till 1975, the Con market was renamed Da Nang Trade Center, located on the intersection of Hung Vuong street and Ong Ich Khiem street. However, the old name “The Con Market” is still used and introduced to tourists. This is also the place to express clearly the culture as well as the special and unique cuisine of Danang.

Visiting Danang but not visiting the Con market or do not enjoy the delicious snacks here, you are considered not to have traveled to Da Nang. This is the place where the most famous snacks of Danang gathered such as a kind of sails called “oc hut”, Vietnamese pizza, salted yogurt, ice cream, half hatched egg, etc.

Such delicious nosh like that are reasonable prices. Only from 50.000VNĐ, you can eat fully !

2/ The Han Market (Shopping paradise)Visiting the most crowded and busiest market in Danang

If the Con Market is famous for snacks, the Han market is known as shopping paradise. When mentioning to Danang, people usually remember the Han market. This is also the busiest and oldest market in Danang.

Han Market is located in the heart of Danang, near Bach Dang, Tran Phu, Tran Hung Dao, Hung Vuong streets. The market was established in the 1940’s. This place was firstly known as a small market along the Han River. When it was renamed Tourane, the Han market also brought a new look and developed considerably.

You can find all kinds of items in the Han market. Having a long history and being located near many tourism areas, Han market has become an undisputed destination when you visit this young and beautiful city.

3/ Tho Quang Market (Sea food paradise)Visiting the most crowded and busiest market in Danang

Danang is a famous coastal city. Tho Quang fish market is famous for many kinds of seafood. You can find many kinds of fresh, delicious but cheap seafood here.

You can visit Tho Quang market in the morning when the sun has just risen. At this time, you can enjoy all the beauty of early dawn in the beach and listen to the sound of peacefulness here. To Tho Quang market, you can go along Tran Hung Dao or Ngo Quyen street.

These are the most famous and busiest markets in Da Nang. You can look for Danang cuisine at the Con market, taste the peaceful life at Tho Quang fish market and buy special souvenirs at the Han market. In particular, these three markets are very close to each other. What do you think if you can spending a day wandering, enjoying the taste of food and life from sunrise to sunset in Danang?

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