Japanese tourists are very carefully selected destinations for their trips, however, Da Nang where has a large number of Japanese tourists each year is an exception. So what are things from the local people and life in Da Nang that make they feel so satisfied?

Things that make Da Nang always attract Japanese tourists.

Da Nang, the most livable city in Viet Nam, is well known as one of the most interesting destinations that is considered as a fantastic city surrounding by the blue, clean seashores. However, according to a survey by only Japanese tourists about the topic “what’s reason you choose Da Nang as a destination for your trip in Viet Nam?”, the local people, life, beautiful sceneries and facilities are the factors appreciated.

1. People in Da Nang:

What are things in Da Nang attracting Japanese tourists?

Da Nang brings to visitors lots of unforgettable memories because of a friendly city and hospital local people, from the children to the elderly people can be willing to help and give tourists a warm welcome. Their words and their daily actions are deeply truthfully. How simple and plain they are!

Through thousands of historical events, the socio-economic development and different cultures, people in Da Nang always give an excellent impression on the tourists by the simplicity, rich kindness from the ancient features of Vietnamese retained in Quang area.

2. The secure life in Da Nang:

What are things in Da Nang attracting Japanese tourists?

In spite of being a bustling city and a developed non-smoking service,the life in Da Nang has always been peaceful, tranquil. Unlike many big cities in the world, security in Da Nang is very good, the government is always interested in the domestic and foreign tourits’ interests when visiting this city, you don’t have to worry about higher prices when you buy something.

It is easy to see that a traffic police smiles with visitors and willing to help an old woman or a child crosses the road everytime. The traffic problems are strictly implemented. Installing the camera system everywhere helps authorities monitor traffic as well as reduce social evils easily and effectively.

3. Beautiful sceneries:

What are things in Da Nang attracting Japanese tourists?

Japanese tourists are really “enchanted” by the values from natural features as well as pristine beauties such as My Khe beach, Ba Na Hills, Love Bridge, Hoi An,… Currently Da Nang has been developing with luxury hotel combinations, apatments, resorts eqipped with full facilities making Japanese tourists be satisfied.

4. Japanese restaurants in Da Nang:

What are things in Da Nang attracting Japanese tourists?

Japanese tourists are interested in their dishes in Viet Nam. When coming to Da Nang, you can have experiences to enjoy Japanese dishes at restaurants such as Da Nang Issun Boshi Restaurant- 19 An Thuong 3 street, Da Nang, it is one of the most interesting Japanses restaurant appreciated, especially Sashimi. Bushido Restaurant, No.90 at 2/9 street Hai Chau district, is famous for barbeque and some dishes are suitable for vegetarians. Aji Restaurant at No.3 Hoang Van Thu Street Hai Chau district is only 300m from Dragon Bridge has many Japanses, Asian dishes,… with affordable price.

Da Nang has given an strong impression on tourists on over the world by a lot of wonderful beaches, Ba Na Hills makes them can not forget because of the spectacular designs, and enthusiasm, friendliness from people in there. This is also one of many ideal thing that nowhere has like Da Nang city because these are the unique features of Da Nang.

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