Condotel is a very strange concept to Vietnamese people. You can imagine that  the simplest condotel is  apartments –  hotels. Here are the basic facts about  Da Nang Condotel.

What is Condotel? What are the characteristics of  Da Nang Condotel?

What is Condotel? What do you need to get more information about Da Nang condotel in Vietnam ?

Condotel in Da Nang.


Condotel is the spelling of Cond – Hotel. So, you know what Condotel is. This is a combination of apartment and hotel. In a simpler way, you can use the hotel room to cook as much as you want in your own home.

Condotel features include:

-Having a specific management unit

-The main mode of operation is Shared Time,

-Condotel belongs to the resort segment,

– Being transfersble to Condotel’s use and ownership rights.

– Benefit the utility of the system,

–  a form of productive investment.

What is the cost for Condotel?

Condotel is a combination of apartments and hotels. In particular, you may be the owner, user of the Condotel if a certain cost for the acquisition of the right to use and ownership is paid.

The cost of Condotel is entirely dependent on what your role in the Condotel system is.

In case  you are a user: You must pay all reasonable expenses as required by the management unit.

In case you are the owner: you lose the cost of acquisition rights, fulfill the obligations to pay fees, other taxes as prescribed

What are the benefits of Da Nang Condotel?

What is Condotel? What do you need to get more information about Da Nang condotel in Vietnam ?

Facilities in the Da Nang condotel are very full and luxurious.

Before talking about the benefits of  Da Nang Condotel can bring you, we introduce you to some characteristics of this dynamic young city:

-Geographical location: near the sea, many important roads leading to other areas

-Place where many important economic, political and cultural events take place: APEC Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum 2017, Da Nang International Fireworks Festival DIFF 2017, …

-Concentrate many Da Nang real estate projects: planning development of Han River, Son Tra peninsula, …

From this particular feature of Danang, we can see that Condotel helps:

-Bring you economic efficiency. Because you participate, buy the right to use, ownership of Condotel in Da Nang as soon as possible at the cheaper price. With the ongoing development of Danang at present, you must have imagined Danang in the following years.

-Relax and nurture yourself and your relatives.

With the benefits of Condotel in Danang, you should consider to own a Condotel soon. Hope the information will be useful to you. Good luck!

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