One of the reasons Da Nang becomes the most worth-living city in Vietnam is its cheap price. So many people say that they can eat up Da Nang food with just 5 USD in their pocket. You might think that it is impossible. However, the truth is that 5 USD is enough for a day to explore Da Nang food. Let’s prepare a big belly to eat up these following foods in Da Nang with 5 USD!

da nang food

It sounds impossible to eat up Da Nang food with only 5 USD. However, let us show you the way! – Image: Foodiswhyimbroke | Instagram.

Banh Xeo – 1.28 USD per dish.

Banh Kep – 0.85 USD per dish.

Mixed rice paper salad – 0.43 USD per pack.

Sweet soup – 0.51 USD per dish.

Water fern cake – 0.51 USD per 6 cakes.

Bun Mam – 0.64 USD per dish.

Banh Mi – 0.43 USD per baguette.

Banh Xeo – A great dish of Da Nang food on rainy days

When mentioning about Da Nang food, people cannot miss out Banh Xeo. This is a popular traditional food in the city. It is a kind of pancake which is crispy outside and soft inside. Banh Xeo is made from rice flour with eggs. The core is a mixture of shrimp, pork and green bean sprouts. Banh Xeo is a perfect choice on rainy days. Listening to the rain falling outside and enjoy the smoke of hot pancake is a great experience.


da nang food

Banh Xeo is a perfect dish for rainy days – Image: Linhchimm | Instagram.

The sauce of Banh Xeo is quite special rather than other sauce which you usually see. It is a liquid one. Its ingredients are peanut, liver and other spices.

To have cheap Banh Xeo with good taste, you can come to Banh Xeo Ha Diep at 302 Pham Cu Luong street, Son Tra district. Or you can also come to any eateries with Banh Xeo on Phan Tu street, Ngu Hanh Son district.
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Banh Kep – Vietnamese pizza

Banh Kep is not an original Da Nang food. It actually is famous street food in Sai Gon. However, it has become a favorite street food in Da Nang too. People say that Banh Kep is a representative of the student life in Da Nang. After finishing the study, Da Nang students usually come to the eateries and have Banh Kep, talk about everything on Earth.

da nang food

People usually call Banh Kep “Vietnamese pizza” – Image: Damanfood | Instagram.

The eatery at the intersection of Le Loi street and Hai Phong street is a good place to try mixed rice paper salad. They start serving from the afternoon until night.

Sweet soup – A special Da Nang food attracts not only foreigners but also Vietnamese people

Sweet soup is a special Da Nang food that causes a memorable feeling for tourists coming back home from this city. There are different kinds of sweet soup. They are different kinds of beans, jelly, fruit, lotus seeds, and so on. This is a favorite food of the locals in the summer since it helps them feel cooler. Moreover, in those places, there are usually flan cake and coconut jelly which are worth to try.

da nang food

Durian sweet soup is the most favorite dish in Che Lien eatery – Image: Localfoodguy | Instagram.

Che Lien is the most famous and offers good taste sweet soup at cheap prices. They have three eateries. You can come to this eatery at 175 Hai Phong street, 189 Hoang Dieu street, or 80 Le Thanh Nghi street.

Banh Beo (water fern cake) – A specialty of Da Nang food

Banh Beo is a very popular Da Nang food. Moreover, it is also a specialty of Hue city. In common, tourists cannot miss out this dish when coming to the central provinces in Vietnam but not only Da Nang city. There are three parts of Banh Beo. The main one is a rice cake. The next part is the topping. In the dry type, topping will be fried shrimp. And it will be pork with shrimp in the wet type.

The last one is the fish sauce. It is usually a little sweet and less salty.

da nang food

Banh Beo is one of the most famous street food in Da Nang – Image: Foodstreet_Vietnam | Instagram.

To have cheap but good taste Banh Beo, you can come to any eateries on Phan Tu street or at 291 Nguyen Chi Thanh street, 100 Hoang Van Thu street.

Bun Man – A terrible taste of Da Nang food to the foreigners

Most of the foreigners come to Vietnam feel scary of the fermented fish sauce. The reason is its taste and savor is quite strong. Bun Man is a specialty of Da Nang food which is eaten with the fermented fish sauce. You might find Bun Man in the southern, but it is totally different from the one in Da Nang. They mix noodles with pork/beef pies, fermented pork roll, steam pork or grilled pork slices. Moreover, there are vegetables go with the dish so that it helps to reduce the strong savor of fermented fish sauce.

da nang food

Bun Mam or noodles with fermented fish sauce is a famous dish of Da Nang – ImageL Finoneder | Instagram.

You can try Bun Man on Phan Tu street where there are so many eateries provide good food at cheap prices.

Banh Mi – The most delicious street food in Vietnam

Banh Mi is known as the most famous and delicious street food in Vietnam. If the western people usually have hamburger or KFC for a fast meal, the Vietnamese have Banh Mi. They can eat it in the morning, for lunch or even dinner. Banh Mi can be eaten in anytime and anywhere due to its convenience. If you want to try the best Da Nang food, you cannot miss out Banh Mi. It is not the same as the north and the south. The core of Banh Mi Da Nang is tastier and has the special savor of this city cuisine.

da nang food

Known as the most famous and delicious street food in Vietnam, you, of course, cannot miss out this baguette – Image: Maprangsweet | Instagram.

The fact is that you do not need to go to the famous Banh Mi eatery to try this popular fast food. There are so many Banh Mi eateries on the streets that you can try. They all have almost the same taste. You can come to try in the areas which are near the university such as 43 Le Duan street, 71 Ngu Hanh Son street or 54 Nguyen Luong Bang street. Or simpler, you just stop by any Banh Mi eatery on the street and have a try. The taste will be not too bad.


Da Nang food is diversified and impressive not only tourists but also the locals. Coming to Da Nang, you do not need to prepare a big budget of food, just 5 USD you can taste all the famous dishes here.

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