Da Nang is one of the most developed cities in Vietnam with good infrastructure development. Besides, the population is not much as in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city. Therefore, the roads are spacious and well-organized, the getting around the city is also easy and enjoyable. Additionally, there are lots of modes of transportation available. So anytime you want to go somewhere, you can have various choices. Let’s dig in this article to explore Da Nang transportation and have a smooth ride.

Da Nang transportation state

Da Nang transportation offers many choices – Photo: Internet.

Grab car/ Taxi – Comfortable Da Nang transportation

Grab car is a popular app used in Da Nang due to its convenient and quick features. Besides, it helps you save a bit of money in comparison with taxis. You can easily get a Grab on the streets as long as you have the app ready in your smartphone. However, it requires an Internet or data connection to use this app. Therefore, before traveling to Vietnam, remember to check the information about mobile data packages. Thanks to the exact pinpointing in pickup and dropoff locations, you can avoid communication problems. Moreover, you can pay by credit cards if having a Grab ride.

Da Nang transportation grabcar app

Grab car is an economy choice for a comfortable trip – Photo: Grab.

If using Grab causes lots of troubles for you, taxi is also a good choice. There are many brands in Da Nang. Some popular names are Mai Linh in green (+84 236 356 56 56), Tien Sa in yellow (+84 236 379 79 79) and VinaSun (+84 236 368 68 68).

Da Nang transportation taxi Tien Sa

Tien Sa is one of the popular taxi brands in Da Nang – Photo: Internet.

Da Nang taxis are equipped with a reliable meter so you don’t need to worry about the scam. Furthermore, they’re available everywhere from the airports, train station, to the hotels, attractions, etc. Hence, it takes no effort to catch one. Nevertheless, you should write down the destination to show the driver if you can’t talk Vietnamese. There are many drivers can use English but it’s a little, not enough to communicate smoothly. One more thing to remember is that you should pay in cash because there are few taxis fitted to accept credit cards.

Da Nang transportation grabcar customer

Get a Grab car or taxi make your experience convenient – Photo: Grab.

Bus – Friendly Da Nang transportation

To encourage the citizens to use public transportation, the authorities have provided modern buses and improved the services as well. Besides, the city also has subsided bus routes with only 5,000 VND/passenger/turn to get around in the urban area. Thanks to this, travel by bus brings a pleasant experience for customers.

Da Nang transportation modern bus

The new and modern TMF buses – Photo: DanaBus.

Opt for the bus is the cheapest way to transport. However, it takes longer time and consumes more effort in getting to a place and waiting for the bus. For the subsided bus routes, the service starts from 5 AM to 9 PM with a frequency of 10 minutes per trip in peak hours and 20 minutes per trip in off-peak hours. They’re Route 05, 07, 08, 11 and 12. For more information about the routes, let’s visit the DanaBus website or use the smartphone to download the app.

Da Nang transportation bus daily

The city encourages citizens to use public transportations more – Photo: DanaBus.

Additionally, you can use the Google Map and its schedule explorer to locate exactly the nearest bus stop and the arrival time of the bus. It helps your journey more convenient.

Motorbike – The best way to see the city

Motorbike is the most popular Da Nang transportation and also the best way to see the city. Riding a bike brings to the most exciting experience of discovering the city. However, in case this is the first time you’re in Vietnam and not familiar with vehicles like motorbike, it’s very risky to ride a bike. The local traffic is not like in your country that requires many skills to control a bike. You have to good at situational awareness, reflexes, balancing, guts of steel, etc. So if you’re not ready, don’t risk your life.

Da Nang transportation motorbike Son Tra Peninsula

Riding a motorbike is the best way to see the city – Photo: Taidanang.

Renting a motorbike is quick and easy so there are many shops around the city. Even more, you can hire a bike once you arrive at the airport. There are two kinds of motorbike including the manual and automatic one. The automatic bike is easier to handle and it’s more comfortable to travel in the urban area. If you want to explore Son Tra Peninsula or challenge with Hai Van Pass, choose the manual kind for going uphill. Note that check the bike carefully before hiring. The average price to rent a bike for a day is about 130,000 VND. Here is a list of top 14 Da Nang motorbike rental shops that you can consider.

Da Nang transportation motorbike rental

There are many motorbike rental shops in Da Nang provide good bikes – Photo: Internet.

Grab bike/ Motorbike taxi – Popular Da Nang transportation

If you don’t know how to ride a bike but still want to explore the city like locals, Grab bike or motorbike taxi is a great choice on a budget. Grab bike is a special service in Vietnam compared to other countries. Locals usually use this service because it’s cheap and convenient. To say about its operation, it’s the same as Grab car but you will go by bike instead.

Da Nang transportation grab bike service

Grab bike is more and more growing in the city – Photo: Internet.

Not like traditional motorbike taxi, Grab bike offers a better way to travel in the city. It can locate exact locations and show a clear price for your booking. Referring to the motorbike taxi, it’s the origin of Grab car in Vietnam but now it’s not popular as it used to be. It gives you a more true and unique local experience with the elder drivers. However, you have to bargain the price and sometimes, you can be fall in a scam. Hence, if you want to have a go, know the destination and the price before hopping on a motorcycle taxi.

Da Nang transportation motorbike taxi experience

A friendly motorbike driver with his customer – Photo: Wikipedia.

Private car – For a day trip or family

In case you travel in a group or with your family, a private car is the best way to have a day-trip. Despite that, you should rent a car service with a local driver instead of driving by yourself because the Vietnam law and traffic condition is different. To arrange a private car, you can ask help from the accommodation or contact the rental companies by yourself. Here are some trustworthy units that you can consider.

Da Nang transportation rental car service

A private car is a perfect choice in case you travel in a group or with family – Photo: Internet.

If you go on a day trip or plan to go somewhere out of Da Nang, remember to tell the operator beforehand. Moreover, always ask for the price before confirming the booking. You can even negotiate the price with them. When hiring a private car, provide some information like pickup time, location, the destination of your trip, etc. Even more, on the way, you can arrange the operator to visit some other sites. Overall, travel by a car is more comfortable than other vehicles. It’s also a safe Da Nang transportation. However,  when it comes to the price, it’s suitable when you go outside the city with many people.

Cyclo – Unique experience in traveling

Da Nang transportation cyclo baodanang

Riding a cyclo is an interesting cultural experience – Photo: baodanang.

Cyclo is known as transportation served for tourists sightseeing than a daily vehicle. It is a unique pedal-powered reclining chair that usually seen move along the Han River. With a relaxing speed, you can watch the beautiful scenes along the road. It gives you a totally different feeling compared with other transportations. It likes an unwinding activity that you can travel from place to place while watching people passing by and enjoying the surroundings. Hence, when going by cyclo, it’s about a cultural experience than a Da Nang transportation.

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