Tourists in Danang have at least once visited and shopped at bustle markets around this city. However, not many of them or even the locals ever attended to the Danang night market, which is specific and very interesting.

Danang night market

Visit Danang night market to discover the Danang nightlife. – Image:

Helio – Danang night market in Thai style

This Danang night market opens every night from 5 PM to 11 PM, which attracts thousands of visitors. There are 3 main zones: Food court, Shopping zone, and Festival zone.

The Food court

Firstly, the Food court of this Danang night market is really glamorous with the diversity of local dishes. You also can enjoy the cuisine from every corner of the world like Korean Tobokki, Japanese Pancake, Chinese Dimsum, etc. Moreover, you will be able to try Vietnamese traditional dishes like Grilled meat vermicelli, Pho, Banh xeo, and so on.

Danang night market

You will have an opportunity to try traditional food all around the world in this Danang night market – Image:

Moreover, there are about 150 booths with the weekly updated menu in the Food court of this Danang night market. The combining of youngsters’ fevered-street food and Vietnamese traditional food will surely give you unforgettable experiences.

Shopping zone

If you’re a shopaholic, the shopping zone in Helio Danang night market is a heaven for you. It’s always crowded with hot fashion items giving you endless choices to F5 your summer wardrobe. You can find in Danang night market the trendy clothes, accessories, cosmetics, and little lovely hand-made souvenir. With only $10-$20, you can get for yourself punch of unique items that you can’t find anywhere else. Plus, this also offers you a colorful background for the photoshoot.

Danang night market

You can find here many unique accessories – Image:

Festival zone

What’s more, coming to Helio, you can not only to eat and shop but also enjoy the excitement of the light and sound here. For the first time, there is a Danang night market with such a special music show for free entrance. Every weekend, at Helio stage, you will be able to delight in the performances of many professional bands, dancers. In addition to that, there’re also some qualified DJs ready to rock your night away with EDM, Vinahouse, etc. Especially, the sudden appearance of a “secret” Hot star will take you aback.

Danang night market

This is the very first Danang night market that holds live shows every weekend – Image:

It would be great if you can pay a visit in the late afternoon around 5 PM – 6 PM. At that time it’s not too crowded for you to leisurely eat, shop and find a comfortable seat for the show at 8 PM.

An Thuong market – Danang night market in “foreigners area”

Because of the location in “foreigners area”, An Thuong is a Danang night market including traditional dishes from different 18 countries. It ranges from the Vietnamese 3-region specialties to Western famous steak or sour and spicy Thai dishes. Moreover, there is a bar with a variety of unique drinks from all corner of the planet. It follows other national night market concepts such as Khaosan (Bangkok, Thailand), South Bank (London, UK), etc.

An thuong night market

An Thuong night market attracts many foreign tourists – Image:

The space of this Danang night market is characterized by the neon lights, funky music, end especially signature street food. You can immerse yourself into the garden of Northern – Central – Southern Vietnamese dishes. You will be aware that “Vietnamese noodles” is not only Pho, “Banh xeo” is not the only one kind of Vietnamese pancake, and “rice” is not only the boring white rice. Besides the Vietnamese cuisine, An Thuong night market also knocks you down with a series of famous dishes from Japan, Korea, Thai, Belgium, Mexico, and so on. Those are made by native chefs so they will get the exact taste.

Danang night market

There is a free sitting area for you to enjoy the “culinary paradise”.

In addition to that, since there are lots of tourists gathering in An Thuong area, it’s famous for many accommodation facilities, restaurants, bars and so on. Therefore, it’s convenient for you to stay near this Danang night market and spend your time on this culinary paradise. Furthermore, it’s so close to the beach that it would be great to stop there having seafood after swimming.

Danang night market

It would be great to fulfill your stomach with seafood – Image:

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Son Tra market – a “newbie” Danang night market for youngsters

Son Tra night market has about 150 booths selling food, souvenirs, beverages, clothes and other specialties. It opens at 6 PM till midnight every day and with free entrance for residents and visitors to experience the Danang nightlife.

Danang night market

Son Tra night market is another Danang night market which offers you the various kinds of cuisine – Image: Facebook/Chợ đêm Sơn Trà.

Visit Son Tra night market, one of the activities you shouldn’t miss is trying attractive specialties at a super low price. Most of the famous dishes of Danang are sold in this market, so you don’t need to go too far to enjoy the original Danang taste. Furthermore, seafood is the signature of this night market. The food booths are not separated but interspersed with souvenirs booths and other entertainment services. So just visit this Danang night market, you can freely enjoy the culinary as well as relax your mind with many fun games.

Danang night market

This Danang night market gathers lots of local brands where you can find unique items.

Talk about Danang night market, it’s impossible to skip the grandiose food court. It can be said that just by visiting the night market food court, you are able to try the whole Danang culinary world. Additionally, this Danang night market is linked to the walking street along the Han riverside. It’s also close to Dragon Bridge and Love Bridge. Hence, it would be incredible for you to enjoying the tasty street food while observing this beautiful landscape.

Danang night market

This Danang night market is also linked with the biggest walking street on the riverside so that you can catch the beautiful view while shopping – Image:


Numerous delicacies at a bargain price, qualified live shows of various genre of music from gentle acoustic to fire rock tracks, thousands of stylish fashion items, etc, all of the indispensable things are available. Dress up and let the Danang night market blow up your mind now!

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