In comparison with other big cities, Danang real estate is now extremely developing especially in 2017 with numerous projects, the big events held in Da Nang city.

Danang real estate market

Danang real estate market is heating up

Danang real estate market is heating up

In 2017, Danang real estate is heating up because of great number of big and international projects. When these projects are launched, it attracts  great deal of attention of many real estate investors in our country. So, information about real estate is continuously updated.

One of important investment project need to be highlighted here is Cocobay Danang Project. This is a large project, will give great benefits to investors. If you are a real estate investor, you just spend a number of money to own a condotel – a type of hotel apartment and you can gain profits from this rental apartment in a long term. Today, condotel is very popular in Danang. The difference of this model compared with Hoang Anh Gia Lai apartment – a type of hotel apartment built for rent in Danang and luxury and convenient as a luxury hotel.

According to the estimation, up to now, there have been 70 large investment projects invested in Danang. And real estate in Danang is believed to develop more and more in the future.

Sustainable development of Danang real estate in the future

Danang real estate is heating up

High demand of real estate of tourists in Danang

As development of the property in Danang concentrating on tourism real estate, many people express a deep concern about this sustainable development in the future.

In Danang, sustainable development of this kind of resort business depends completely on the number of tourists. The number of tourists visiting Danang tends to increase in the future especially when the Apec is going to take place. And after the Apec, with the widespread promotion of more than 6000 journalists from different countries, this number can reach 10 million visitors by 2020.

Hence, nowadays, Danang real estate market still develop sustainably, the efficiency of resort projects still remain in high level because of the high demand of tourists coming to Danang in the near future.  

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