Hoi An attracts a large number of tourists because of not only its ancient beauty, the colourful lanterns or paper flower lamps but also by special Hoi An cuisine. If you have chance to visit Hoi An ancient town, do not forget to enjoy the unique cuisine of this place.

Cao LauThe most delicious must-try dishes in Hoi An cuisine

If you visit Hoi An but you skip the Cao Lau, it can be said that you do not experience Hoi An cuisine completely. Because Cao Lau is considered to be a typical dish of the people here.

Cao Lau tastes best when it is made by local people. It must be made from rice soaked in ash, which is burned by firewood from Cu Lao Cham. The water must be taken from the well called Ba Le (Bá Lễ) which is only in Hoi An. To have mild yellow but a little tough noodles, it is necessary to steam noodles several times.

Although not many people in favor of the dish, the spicy, sour and sweet taste of and soft meat will makes the visitors addicted.

Hoi An Chicken RiceThe most delicious must try dishes in Hoi An cuisine

Chicken rice is one of famous dishes in Hoi An ancient town. Although you can make it at home, but when coming to Hoi An, visitors cannot miss this dish Because only in Hoi An can you feel delicacy and finicality of this dish.

A plate of chicken rice eaten with a small bowl of soup will make you yummy !

My QuangThe most delicious must-try dishes in Hoi An cuisine

Although it is made from rice, My Quang brings a special taste. Only noodles combined with shrimp, meat and herbs, but this is enough to make this dish luscious.

I highly recommend that you should try this dish sold in the sidewalk.

Banh uot (bánh cuốn) eaten with grilled meatThe most delicious must-try dishes in Hoi An cuisine

This is the most popular dish in Hoi An. Just walking along the Hoai River, visitors can find a lot of street vendors selling these dishes.

This is a simple dish including grilled meat, thin and delicate sheet of “Banh cuon” vegetables and the dipping sauce. This sauce is very delicious because it is made delicately by local people.

In addition, a special feature of this dish is that the meat is grilled in place. Take a piece of grilled meat and a thin sheet of “banh cuon”, add some vegetables and dip into delicious sauce. I am so sure that it will make you mouthwatering!

There is rich diversity of Hoi An cuisine. And here are just a few famous dishes in Hoi An.

If you have a chance, you should visit Hoi An ancient town to discover the beauty of architecture, life and cuisine as well as people here.

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