Discover the Cuisine of Danang is one of indispensable pleasure when you visit Da Thanh. It will be incomplete and imperfective when you do not enjoy the delicious snacks in Da Nang. Explore the beauty of Da Thanh cuisine through the following delicious dishes :

1/ The Cuisine of Danang attract  tourist with  Vietnamese pizza

Discover the cuisine of Danang city through the attractive snacks.

The Cuisine of Da nang attract tourist with Vietnamese pizza

Vietnamese pizza is a delicious snack in Da Nang.Vietnamese pizza has appeared in many places throughout the country of Vietnam. However, Da Nang is the source of vietnamese pizza.

You can enjoy vietnamese pizza with many different types: pate, eggs, dry cow, … And most special point brings taste of beauty food Da Thanh  that is a specialized sauce.

Not everyone can learn this secret . Perhaps this is also the reason why Danang visitors tryvietnamese pizza. Each type of it will be decorated  with different ways. However, the salty sweet, with a little bit pungent will help you enjoy all the flavor of Da Thanh  especially in the cold  days that you  can not  find anywhere.

2/ Salt yogurt –  the unique in Danang cuisine

Discover the cuisine of Danang city through the attractive snacks.

Salt yogurt – the unique in Danang cuisine

The delicious snacks is very much in da nang . However, when you  come to Da Nang, you can not ignore the salt  yogurt.

Sweet, sweet and salty salty,  have you enjoyed any such dishes  like that ? It is not the absurdity of the taste, it is the sublimation,it is  also the minuteness  and the distinct characteristics of the cuisine of Da Thanh.

You will not know and you  can not feel this flavor without experiencing  by yourself. At that time, you will know  that salty salts are also great!

3/ The cuisine of Danang is special with  the kind of snail  “oc hut “

Discover the cuisine of Danang city through the attractive snacks.

The cuisine Da Nang is special with the kind of snail “oc hut “

Boiled shrimps, fried snails, steamed snails, … are snack  that are from snail .they   are very popular, especially in the cold days. However, “Oc hut” is a snack that can not ignore when coming to Da Nang.

The  “Oc hut”  of this coastal city is particularly by taste, by the way of processing snail smoking

Snails are soaked in rice water, removing the ass of snail. After that, adding snail  to fry together with chilli, ginger, coconut milk, special spice. Snail smoking  is served with rice paper, green papaya.

The water of Snail, spicy are soaked  , salty, sweet, spicy,  it will make you know that the decision to Da Nang  is completely accurate.

4/ Rice pork cake –  The specialty of Danang.

Discover the cuisine of Danang city through the attractive snacks.

Rice pork cake – The specialty of Da Nang.

Referring to Danang cuisine, visitors will immediately remember the familiar of rice pork cake.  This Dish with thin layer of rice paper; The delicious long-cut pork consists of lean and fatty greens that are sweet but not boring. Especially, there is a plate of fresh vegetables to eat with very fresh. This is not only a delicious dish, but also it is a specialty of Danang.Whoever goes anywhere that they will remember . Coming  to Danang to have a try once in your life.

All of this is not your experience .Well, to know the taste of  them, as well as feel th unique, special features of Da Nang cuisine, please enjoy it by yourself

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