Da Nang is one of the ideal tourist destinations in Vietnam. Coming to Da Nang, you will enjoy many different feelings with scenic scenery, special dishes flavored of this city… To visit, contemplate and enjoy the taste of Da Nang. , you need to know these experiences of Da Nang tourism below.

1/ When should you come to Da Nang?

Experiences of Da Nang tourism

Vietnam has 04 specific characteristics seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter. Each season, each place in our country will have beautiful scenery and its own pleasure. However, with Da Nang, to be able to choose the best time of the year, you should visit it in February to August every year. At this time, in Da Nang, you are able to enjoy the most beautiful weather, less rain to facilitate sightseeing, experience Da Nang. Beyond this time, other times, Da Nang tourism will be cheaper on all services.

2 / Da Nang tourism guide on means of transport

Experiences of Da Nang tourism

Coming to Da Nang, you are unable to travel by walk all the time. During the travel, walking can take you lots of time, especially if you are going to travel in Da Nang for 3 days 2 nights. You will not be able to enjoy all of Da Nang without transportation. From your location to Da Nang, you can choose from a variety of means: plane, settle bus, trains. For each type of vehicle, the cost for each type of service will vary. You choose the type of vehicle on your own initiative depending on your economic.

During the time in Da Nang, you can rent cars or motorbikes or use buses to visit Da Nang. In case of car or motorbike rental, you also need to consult information on your own initiative before traveling. By bus, you need to know the time and bus station of different buses in order to reach to the correct destination. You can do this with your smart phone.

3 / Da Nang tourism – choice of motels, hotels

Experiences of Da Nang tourism

This is one of the most important things when making a trip to Da Nang as well. With the development of the city, Da Nang has lots of homestay, hotels, apartments… servicing the needs of visitors. For the best preparation, you should refer to the location, price and reservations, so, when you arrive Da Nang, you will have a place to rest, prepare the spirit for the next journey. Just in case you arrive but have no place to sleep.

4 / What to do when traveling to Da Nang?

Experiences of Da Nang tourism

In case you follow the tour, your plan is already made. In case you travel alone, you will have more time with Da Nang. Below, we would like to introduce you the beauty things that you should enjoy when coming to people and land Da Nang:

– Da Nang foods: Vietnamese pizza, Oc Hut, salt yogurt, Quang noodles, crab meat, pork rolls, seafood…

– Danang key tourist attraction: My Khe Beach, Son Tra Peninsula, Xuan Thieu Beach, Ba Na Hills, Linh Ứng Pagoda, Love Flower Village, Than Tai Hot Springs Mountain…You also need to prepare the necessary equipment to ensure your safety.

– Souvenirs: dried seafood, cake, fish sauce Nam He….

Refer to Danang travel experience, prepare in advance the best travel utilities, the most convenient things will bring you a trip that is full of wonderful experience!

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