Being in the bustle life of the big city, Sai Gon market is getting hotter and hotter to both locals and foreign tourists. Nowadays, there are a number of supermarkets, mini marts or shopping malls opened to meet the shopping demands. However, for Vietnamese people, wet markets place an essential role on local social life. It’s can be said that nothing can’t beat the wet markets where people can buy anything at an affordable price. Especially, come to the markets, people can bargain to deal with the vendor a reasonable price for the item.

Let’s know more 3 local markets in Sai Gon to shop after your trip now!

Tan Dinh Market

Sai Gon market

Located on the busiest street Hai Ba Trung, Tan Dinh Market considered as a Sai Gon market for the upper class in the pass. The market is a place gathering many street food stalls such as “Hu Tieu”, sweet soup, porridge and so on. All food stalls has still been traditional favor that make all people can’t forget local cuisine once tasting these. Come to this place for shopping in Ho Chi Minh city is not a bad idea after finishing your vacation.

Opposite to Tan Dinh Market, there is a unique church with creative architecture. The color of this church is a striking feature make it become so popular with every visitors. The pink color is really eye-catching and is getting a hot check-in place for young generation.

Ba Chieu Market

Ba Chieu Market in Saigon

Ba Chieu Market is situated on the crossroad of Bach Dang, Phan Dang Luu, Le Quang Dinh. This is a famous Sai Gon market in the heart of Binh Thanh province. This is a wet market to meet the shopping demand of locals every day.

Take a walk in the market, you can find any items you want to purchase at a cheap price. Moreover, if you are a food lover, this is an ideal market to explore more local cuisine, especially the cuisine of Mekong Delta. Beside Ba Chieu market is tomb of Le Van Duyet,  a Vietnamese talented general in the Nguyen ages.

Ben Thanh Market – The biggest Sai Gon Market

Ben Thanh market

There is a shortcoming when we do not name the biggest Sai Gon market in this list. Ben Thanh Market has opened for more than one century. It’s located in the city center of Sai Gon, so this market attracts thousands of visitors every year.

When it comes to Ben Thanh Market, there is a ton of stalls selling various products made in Vietnam or other countries all around the world. However, comparing with other markets in Sai Gon, the price is a bit more expensive.

Are you finding a place to explore the local cuisine as well as Vietnamese street food? You can’t miss a great opportunity to taste yummy dishes at Ben Thanh Market. Opening time lasting at night, so visitors can enjoy the shopping time full of joy.

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