Danang attracts a large number of tourists not only by the beach, luxury resort, Danang cuisine but also by numerous famous pagodas. By going to the temple you can feel the harmony of nature, relax, have peace in mind, which make you feel the best of life.

1/ Linh Ung Pagoda– located in 3 different places in DanangThe list of famous pagodas in Danang

People always express a deep concern about spirituality. Especially, pagoda is a sacred place known as a feature of Vietnamese culture as well as Danang culture.

If you do not pay attention, you may feel confused. Because in Danang, there are three pagodas in three different places named Linh Ung Pagoda. These are the famous pagodas in Danang:

  • The first one is located on Thuy Son Mountain, Ngu Hanh Son
  • The second one is located on top of Ba Na mountain with a 27m majestic Duc Bon statue
  • The last one is located on Son Tra Peninsula with the highest Guanyin Statue in Vietnam.

2/ Quan Am pagoda on the Marble MountainsThe list of famous pagodas in Danang

This pagoda is located at 48 Su Van Hanh street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang.

Quan Am Pagoda was built in 1957 at the foot of Kim Son This is one of the famous pagodas in Danang.

Lying in the middle of majestic nature with large ranges of trees, Quan Am Pagoda appears as a human success in conquering and living peacefully with nature. It is mentioned as a place of “the truth, the good and the beautiful”.

3/ Pho Da Pagoda – in the center of DanangThe list of famous pagodas in Danang

Located: at 340 Phan Chau Trinh street, Danang

This famous pagoda was built in 1915. Up to now, the temple has been rebuilt several times.

This is not a place to travel but also a place to help you find yourself, meditate and think about your goals. The Buddha always directs people to the best.

4/ Tam Bao Pagoda located on Phan Chau Trinh street, DanangThe list of the most famous pagodas in Danang

This pagoda was built in 1953 with the statue of Shakyamuni. Shakyamuni Buddha is depicted, carved in three most familiar states: alms, meditation and concentration.

Shakyamuni Buddha is a significant Buddha in the spiritual life of the Vietnamese people. He was the first to understand the law of things. He has spread his experience, thoughts to disciples to direct people to the best, help people treat other better.

5/ Tam Thai Pagoda – Thuy Son Mount, The Marble MountainsThe list of most famous pagodas in Danang

Add: Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street, Danang

This famous pagoda is a tourist attraction in Danang. The pagoda was built in 1630 basing on the Nguyen Dynasty architecture style of the pagoda.

The pagoda in the Marble Mountains makes people feel like they are in the fairy land enjoying fresh air. At the same time, the visitors can listen to the sound of the waves like the voice of the Buddha, the heart of maternal love, conjugal love, human love.

These are the famous pagodas in Danang. I am sure that all of us has sincerely worshiped the Buddha. Everywhere the faith of the Buddha is the same but the scene and feeling of each place are different. I highly recommend these pagodas to you!

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