Are you a new-comer in Danang city that loves exercise and is willing to find a local gym buddy? You find the right site! In this article, we are going to show you the best fitness centers in Danang city. They all are highly recommended by the local people. Therefore, not only the quality but also the environment at those places are great.

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A prestigious sports center to find a local gym buddy. – Source:

Find a local gym buddy at California Fitness & Yoga Center

Due to one of the trustful gym places in Danang city, California Gym & Yoga center is where you can find a local gym buddy safely. California Gym & Yoga provides a wide range of services that you cannot miss out. There is Jacuzzi for relaxing so that the center can do health care to customers. It is such a good policy that brings benefit to members.

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California Fitness & Yoga Center where you can find a local buddy. – Source:

Besides, the center also is equipped with high-quality gymnasium facilities. There are not only machines and equipment which support for gym activities are in high class, but other extra facilities are also too. California Gym & Yoga center provides sanitary, bathroom, dressing room and others are in high class.

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Swimming pool at California Fitness & Yoga Center.

Coming to California Gym & Yoga, you can find a local gym buddy since all people here have the same hobby in exercise. Therefore, it is easier to start a conversation and build a local network.

California Gym & Yoga center allows customers to have a trial day first. After that, you have to pay the fee once. And it is pretty high. However, you will be trained by a personal coach to focus on the main purpose of your exercise and make sure to meet your goal. Moreover, the services follow the 5-star standard as well as modern equipment. Thus, it is worthy.

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A corner of dumbbells and barbells at California Fitness & Yoga Center. – Source:

California Gym & Yoga is located on Nguyen Van Linh street which is in the city center that you can easily reach it no matter where you are living in Danang city.

California Fitness & Yoga Center

Location: 155 Nguyen Van Linh Street, Thanh Khe District, Danang.


Phone: 02367 109 299

Find a local gym buddy at Elite Fitness

Elite Fitness is a great place to find a local gym buddy since it is established in order to raise the awareness of the Vietnamese community in physical wellbeing. Furthermore, its mission is also to bring a great spirit to the local people so that people do exercise more frequently.

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Find a local gym buddy at Elite Fitness Danang. – Source:

Elite Fitness is at Vinh Trung Plaza, one of the most popular destinations of the youngster in Danang city. Hence, you will not be behind the eightball to find a local gym buddy here. After working out, you can go downstairs for shopping or entertaining with the cinema and game center. What’s more, this mall is opposite Con Market, the busiest market of Danang city. Thanks to the accommodation located, it will be convenient for you to shop for healthy ingredients adapting your fitness regimen.

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Elite Fitness with great location to find a local gym buddy. – Source:

Additionally, the condition of the equipment at this health club will impress you. All of them are new and up-to-date, which guarantee your training process. For further demand, they provide you with a swimming pool and a stretching room to recover after hard lifting. Don’t worry if you are new to this and don’t know where to start, because there are professional PTs (Personal Trainer) who guide you every step to help you get fit as soon as possible.

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A cardio class with professional PTs at Elite Fitness. – Source:

There is no doubt Elite Fitness is a five-star international sports club system where you can find a local gym buddy and stay in shape together!

Elite Fitness

Location: 7th & 8th Vinh Trung Plaza, 255-257 Hung Vuong Street, Thanh Khe District, Danang.


Phone: 02367 308 088

Find a local gym buddy at Ecstasy Gym Club

Ecstasy Gym Club is a high-class gym integrating many services where you can find a local gym buddy. Currently, many young people in Da Nang come to Ecstasy Gym to experience modern gym machines in a vibrant atmosphere. This aims to inspire customers when they come here to practice.

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Find a local gym buddy while workout at Ecstasy Gym Club. – Source:

In addition, you can find a local gym buddy to follow the couple regimen of the professional PTs. The coach is experienced with the enthusiasm to help all consumers achieve their desired results. No matter what your purpose of working out is, they will advise, design the fitness plan for you. To ensure the plan gonna work, they will guide you effectively and burn you up with the feeling of excitement. In addition, there are special training programs such as Spinning, Step, Pilates, Yoga, and Stretching. All the machinery is 100% imported from abroad, the training equipment like barbells or punching bags are always available.

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Experienced coaches at Ecstasy Gym Club Danang. – Source:

Besides, you can find a local gym buddy not only in the gym area but also at the spa or the restaurant close by.  It has a shopping mall and a game center as well. The parking is in front of the restaurant with security. Ecstasy Gym Club is a complex area that meets all of your basic demand. Plus, this sports center is on Phan Chau Trinh Street, one of the main roads of Danang city. From this spot, you can easily reach several restaurants, shopping malls and other destinations in central Danang.

find a local gym buddy ecstasy dn city

Ecstasy Gym Club is suitable to find a local gym buddy. – Source:

Ecstasy Gym Club

Location: 164-166-168 Phan Chau Trinh Street, Hai Chau District, Danang.



Danang is a dynamic youthful city that citizens share the same high demand for working out and enhancing their health. That’s why besides three centers above, you may find a local gym buddy from loads of gyms around Danang city. If you don’t have a high requirement, you can pick another one which is more convenient for you. But choosing the prestigious and quality gym suitable for your budget should be a priority. Next, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from coaches in the gym to find out the right and effective method of training for you. Last but not least, a healthy menu with enough water is a must to make your body in shape. Remember that going to the gym as a daily routine is a way to love yourself!

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