Whenever you come to a country, have local friends is the best way to experience the destination. It’s not only about a companion on the journey to explore the world but also a local expert to help you discover the local lifestyle. So, if you’re looking for local friends in Danang, read this article to know where and how to meet them.

local friends the best trip

Make local friends to enjoy your trip to the best – Source: @wildlittlethingsphoto

1. Find local friends at English cafes

Nowadays, more and more local people have a demand for learning languages especially English. Therefore, English cafes are opened for people coming to practice speaking English with volunteers from foreigner countries. Hence, customers will have a chance to talk to natives or someone who can speak English fluently.

So why to choose an English cafe to make local friends?

Firstly, with the open and friendly attitude, people here are willing to have a chat with you. They’re trying to improve English skills so they will make the conversation going on in various topics. They won’t be shy or make you feel awkward. Therefore, you can feel relax and comfortable where you’re always welcome.

local friends in danang tipi cafe

With many interesting activities, Tipi cafe is a great place to make local friends – Source: Fanpage Tipi Cafe

Secondly, these places are really popular with students or young people in Danang. Hence, when coming here, it’s easy to make local friends and find out what’s trending in the city. Even more, they can recommend many hidden locations for you that foreigners rarely know. They can give some tips such as where to eat delicious food at a cheap price, how to bargain, what local tradition and so on. Besides, some students even willing to show you around Danang, make plans for you or invite you to enjoy a family local meal. In this way, you can experience the city in a local way and have a deep view of Danang more than others.

Finally, there are many people coming from different countries visiting the cafes so you can make friends all over the world. Thanks to this, you not only explore the local beauties but also know more about other diversified cultures.

English cafes in Danang recommendations:

There are two English cafes in Danang that you can visit to find local friends includes Tipi cafe and Vision cafe.

local friends vision cafe danang

With the cozy atmosphere, Vision is a good choice to find local friends in Danang – Source: Fanpage Vision English Cafe

Tipi cafe has 2 branches. One is at 57 Pham Van Nghi Street, Thanh Khe District, Danang and another is at 137 Nguyen Huu Dat Street, Hai Chau District, Danang. Aside from the English conversation, the cafe also holds many interesting activities like “Who wants to be a millionaire” game, exchange culture, acoustic music performance, etc. With a cozy space and warmly staff, this cafe is a highly recommend for you to drop by.

Otherwise, Vision cafe is at lot 1269 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street, Danang. They also have many attractive activities and topics that you can join. In addition, the staff is very dynamic and friendly. Therefore, they will help you feel comfortable when visiting the cafe.

2. Make local friends with a host family

Stay with a host family is a great way to experience local lifestyle and have good local friends. Hereunder is 2 website for you to find a host family when in Danang.

local friends in danang pexel

How to find local friends through a host? – Source: pexel


Couchsurfing is a network to find free accommodation worldwide. Just search the destination you will travel and you can easily find people who are ready to provide a sleeping spot on your journey.

This is a saving-money choice that helps you immerse in the life of natives. It’s not only a stay but also a way to exchange cultures through the landlord and native Couchsurfing community. You will experience the local lifestyle, enjoy the daily meal of a family, have a chat with local friends, take part in local charity activities and so on. You can enjoy the familiar feeling as well as the excitement to discover true local beauty. It’s a chance for every single of us to learn from each other to see the real diversity of the world.

local friends vietnam easy rider experience

A riding to explore the nature of local – Source: Vietnam easy rider

Furthermore, there are many exciting events in the community that you can join and have fun. Especially, you can choose the activities up to your interest and hobbies. Thanks to this, you can not only make friends but also have friends with the same taste in many aspects. In conclusion, Couchsurfing is one of the best ways to have a stay and make local friends on your trip to explore the world.


This is a website to find a host who needs extra pairs of hand on their work. The works are diversified in various fields like farming, babysitter, business, etc. And in exchange for the hours of working, you’ll have accommodations and food for the duration of your stay. With plenty of works around the world, it’s easy for you to choose a work for experiencing your dream country.

This traveling style is popular with young people especially who desire for a gap year. This is the way you can experience the day-to-day living in the country, not just the tourist haunts. It’s not only about getting a local insight of a place but also picking up new skills like how to run a business or language. You’ll get the hidden sides of the local lifestyle and community, meet and make local friends, hang out with people from different countries and get a taste of true local culture.

local friends real experience jackyoung

Explore with local friends helps you get the true taste of the destination – Source: @jackyoung

Besides, it’s also a good way to save money on budget travel. With a few hours of working in exchange, you’ll get the unique experience. Otherwise, in case you find the work not suitable for you, you can change it easily. Therefore, if you look for an interesting journey to make local friends in the world, visit this website now!

3. Connect with a local buddy on Lodyhelp.com

Aside from providing properties and various services, Lodyhelp also is a website to find Danang local friends and in all regions in Vietnam for the near future. With the support of local buddies, you always have answers to your questions or receive help for your problems. So if you question about daily concerns, culture shocks and so on, visit the website to chat with a local buddy.

local friends lodyhelp local buddy help

Find a local buddy to have fun on your exciting journey – Source: @jaredsluyter

These local buddies are mostly young people especially students so they can update the new trending locations for you. Even more, they love to explore new things. Thanks to this, you can have fascinating recommendations for local food, beautiful sightseeing, thrilling experience and so on. Keep in touch with these buddies is a way to experience your destination for real. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about local lifestyle, meet and mix with locals friends and enjoy your trip to the fullest. In addition, local buddies also help you find a suitable property in case you need them to take to see the house or apartment.

With these easy ways, you can make local friends in Danang or in everywhere you visit. Besides, you also have a chance to learn new skills and enjoy unique cultures on your adventure. Let’s plan the trip now!
Source: https://lodyhelp.com/where-to-find-local-friends-in-danang/

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