Some inherent pristine shape of nature still are kept in the capital of Danang city, one of them, is Ghenh Bang. The peaceful scenery with a lot small stones and trees that created a great view attracting lot of tourists

In December, Danang begins to have the first rain, but anyway the beauty of Ghenh Bang  still attracts many tourists, particularly the young always want to conquer the beauty of Son Tra Peninsula.

Be ecstatic before the beauty of Ghenh Bang

Ghenh Bang _the attractive destination to tourist in december

Ghenh Bang of Son Tra Peninsula is located about 20 km from the center of Da Nang city. As a new location, Ghenh Bang is not well-known. But recently, Ganh bang has been hunted, found and explored by backpacker and become a great place to experience joyful activities.

The natural landscape here still retains the wild nature. With thousands of large and small stones with all shapes and sizes, they make rustic beauty. Standing in front of the sea, blue water, waves constantly clapping cliffs day and night, the wind blowing from the ocean to bring a cool and pleasant air flow.

Experience Ghenh Bang tourism

Ghenh Bang _the attractive destination to tourist in december

Coming to Ghenh Bang, besides you have opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature that is given for Da Nang sea tourism. Tourists also have chance to enjoy a lot activities which is only offered at Ghenh Bang tourism

Just a few bottles of water, a few canvas tarpaulin, fishing rods and bait powder, homemade diving glasses … are spoiled for watching and fishing. Images of fishermen sitting on the rocks or waiting for the patience to bring spoils for hours to sit down bring the peace in mind of tourists. On the shack of many backpacker still gather, watching the scenery around, singing, playing together to create an extremely bustling atmosphere, many families choose this place to relax at the weekends.

One activites is hard to skip when coming Ghenh Bang tourism is jumping to the sea, diving to watch the ocean world and coral world. Feeling the eyes of the creatures under the ocean, feeling as losing in the world of “Thuy Long Te” in the lively famous film as Ton Ngo Khong

Otherwise, you can go with your relatives of friends to bring food and set up a tent overnight, watch the sunset fall down and welcome the first sunbeams that begin thế đấy, which can be an unforgettable experience. Equally, it seems that all the worries of daily life are put aside, sent into the wind with the sky, giving room for peace in the heart when coming to Da Nang sea tourism in general and Ghenh Bang in particularly.

Despite being recently discovered, Gheng Bang still attracts many young people to check-in. We can come across the bride and groom kiss passionately with the Ghenh Bang scenery as the background for the photo.

Bring the beauty of the wild, rustic and close in the heart of the dynamic city but Ghenh Bang is still chosen for a relaxing weekend by a lot of tourists . After a series of deadline work, fatigue, headache, why don’t you make a trip to Danang tourism to visit Ghenh Bang. It will be an unforgettable moment in the journey to discover new things that you are looking forward to.

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