Tet holiday has passed and many Vietnamese people has come back to work at present. On Tet Holiday, locals in Ha Noi can’t  have a good time to enjoy this traditional lunar new year in Vietnam due to the bad weather. In addition, the danger of new infectious disease from Wuhan, China has been outbreaking. The dangerous Coronavirus has had effect on many people in China and many people in other countries included Vietnam.

After the holiday, what is Ha Noi weather like? Let’s learn more about the weather in Ha Noi and how to prevent from the Coronavirus.

Ha Noi weather and How to prevent from Coronavirus

Ha Noi weather

During Tet holiday, Ha Noi weather has low temperature and really cold. Moreover, it has heavy rain throughout the last day of lunar new year, especially in New year’s eve. On those days of lunar new year, the weather in this capital city is so cold and the temperature is about 10-17 degree. 

After Lunar New Year, the average temperature in Ha Noi is still low about 17 – 20 degree. This is an ideal condition for the dangerous Coronavirus spread from people to people quickly.

Some experts suppose that the Coronavirus will be weakened if the average temperature is higher than 20 degree. However, Ha Noi weather is predicted that the weather will has low temperature, rainy, cloudy and high humidity. It becomes anxious about the speed of Coronavirus.

In Ha Noi, the cold weather is a good condition to spread the infectious disease. Thus, all people should prepare for yourself many knowledge to prevent from this dangerous virus.

Coronavirus – The danger of Wuhan virus and all you should know to prevent

Hereunder is some notes to protect yourself from the virus:

The danger of Coronavirus in Wuhan, China

In the cold weather, people had better focusing on their health. Providing many good vitamin to improve immune system and protect yourself from the virus.

Because this Coronavirus spread from people to people through respiration, people should wear mask in public or crowded area. It’s better to avoid all the crowded place and public area. Washing your hand by soap regularly and do not tough any animals. Moreover, peole should use all food boiled.

Coronavirus disease in Wuhan, China

Specially, going to the nearest hospital to check your health if you have some symptoms such as fever, cough or have difficulty in breathing. 

In Conclusion

Ha Noi weather is currently not in good condition to travel and especially the weather has an ideal temperature for virus spreading. People should focusing on how to prevent from this dangerous infectious virus. 

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