Han market is the heart of Danang thanks to its variety of vendors ranging from food, a snack to clothes or souvenirs. If you visit this market but don’t know what to buy in Danang, this is an ultimate guide for you.

what to buy in danang

Find out what to buy in Danang at Han Market, the heart of this poetic city – Image: dulichdanang.xyz.

Visit Han Market when you don’t know what to buy in Danang

If you are a food lover who always desires to try the new culinary, you should visit Con market. Otherwise, if you’re looking for what to buy in Danang as souvenirs, Han Market is the place to be. Since it’s the largest wholesale market in this city so it has massive types of goods at an economical price. Moreover, located on crowded Tran Phu Street, it’s easy for tourists to get access to this popular market.

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This market has two floors with a tidy arrangement of commodities which helps clients feel comfortable shopping here. Plus, each stall sells a full pack of specialties and souvenirs so it will take you less time to decide what to buy in Danang. When you finish shopping, you can pay the salesmen to pack and deliver all the goods to the hotel for you.

what to buy in danang

With hundreds of vendors, you can find here suitable souvenirs for your friends and family members.

Fill up your stomach before decide what to buy in Danang

Han market is really large with hundreds of stalls so before spending a whole day digging in this shopping heaven, you should find something to eat first.

Before entering Han Market, you will see many food vendors around the market selling specialty at a low price. In addition, there’s also a food court inside the market. With a bit higher price, you can have Banh Xeo, snails, spring rolls, noodles, and other kinds of Vietnamese snack. Though it might seem not really “clean”, I’m sure that the taste of that street food would blow you away.  If you need some water to boost energy, the juice stalls with fresh fruits are available for you.

what to buy in danang

A food court is an indispensable department when you’re looking for what to buy in Danang at Han Market.

What to buy in Danang as a gift?

Han Market is busy with people come in and out for diverse types of goods such as clothes, jewelry, etc. If you still wonder what to buy in Danang to bring home, this market will give you the answer.

Fermented sauce – the first choice for those who don’t know what to buy in Danang

When you first get in Han Market to find what to buy in Danang, you might be shocked with a special smell come from hundreds of fermented sauce buckets. Baskets and jars crammed with sweets are the only barriers between the humming assault of the fish sauce department. Besides the most common fish sauce, you can find here its “siblings” such as shrimp paste, fermented zucchini, fermented grabs, and so on. Those are the most favorite dipping sauce condiments or side dishes of the Vietnamese because it smells like hell but tastes like heaven.

what to buy in danang

The fermented sauce is one of the most popular things that you should bring home when traveling Danang.

Di Can, Chi Be are two first-ranking fermented sauce brands in Han Market. Each brand has its own secret recipes to meet different tastes. Furthermore, all of the sauce jars are carefully packaged with aluminum film so that you can deliver them by plane.

what to buy in danang

Each jar of sauce is carefully packaged so that it’s available on the plane.

Dried food – the must-have item when you go shopping in Han Market

At Han Market, you can easily find lots of dried food like seafood, beef, deer or even snake. With some special seasoning spices, the fresh ingredients will be dried under the harsh sunshine to give you the impressive taste. Prices of these products are fixed so you can choose for suitable ones as gifts.

what to buy in danang

Dried food is another suggestion when you don’t know what to buy in Danang.

Most of these types of jerky are available for you to try as if you’re in a supermarket. However, they won’t stop convincing you to try some until you give up and taste whatever they put into your mouth. Therefore, just feel free to try it out if you like, or politely refuse and keep going. It’s still okay if you try but don’t buy anything since they are the friendliest vendors in this coastal city.

what to buy in danang

Deer jerky is a special dish you can bring home as a gift for your family members and friends as well – Image: muare.vn.

Fashion items – the most common answer to the question “what to buy in Danang?”

The funny part when you’re looking for what to buy in Danang is that you can catch items of worldwide brands such as Nike, Puma, Addidas with a sick deal here. And they’re definitely fake. If your running shoes suddenly are broken down, or you need a new swimsuit, Han Market should be the first place that comes across your mind.

what to buy in danang

You can find here most of the global brands at a bargain price. It’s not in a good condition but if you just need it for a short-term, it’s an ideal choice.

Besides, you may be shocked to know that people also sell luxury jewelry in Han Market. You can find here golden, silver or marble necklaces, rings, and so on. If you find it hard to deliver food on a plane, these little souvenirs are a better choice.

what to buy in danang

Marble jewelry is a solution if you don’t know what to buy in Danang.

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In developed countries, markets prefer to the past and historical things, whilst in Vietnam, it’s a must-go spot when you don’t know what to buy in Danang. In addition, it’s a way to explore Vietnamese culture through shopping and haggling in Han Market.

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