Being the capital of Vietnam, Ha Noi is also a poetic city attracting thousands of tourists every year. Traveling to Ha Noi, you can have a chance to explore full of joy with many tourist destinations. Besides, this city is one of the best cities in Vietnam to try street food and authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

Let’s follow us to know Hanoi weather and when is the best time to visit Ha Noi!

Travel to Hanoi

Hanoi weather – striking features of weather in the capital city

The weather of Hanoi is quite typical climate in the north of Vietnam. It has four seasons with the characteristic of humid tropical climate. Normally, the weather in Hanoi will have a lot of rain in summer and really cold with less rain in winter.

It has clearly changes and difference between the hot and cold seasons in Ha Noi.

From May to September:  The weather in Hanoi will be hot and rainy with an average temperature of 29.2 degree.

From November to March: It will be cold and dry with an average temperature of 15.2 degree

Beside two seasons, Ha Noi also has four apparent seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter that make Hanoi’s climate more diverse. Spring starts from February to April with the cold temperature and a bit of rain. Summer begins in May and ends up in July with high temperature. Autumn lasts from August to October with comfortable climate, and Winter is in November, December and January when the temperature go down to 16 to 17 degree.

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The best time to visit Hanoi

To discover the capital city in Vietnam, one of the essential factors to consider is choosing appropriate travel time. Travel to Hanoi when Hanoi weather is neither too hot nor too cold to experience full of joy.

Things to do in Hanoi

The best time to plan a trip to Hanoi city is from August to October. It’s in Autumn when the climate has ideal temperature to explore all of tourist destinations in the city. Moreover, the Autumn in Hanoi impresses tourists with yellow leaves covered all the road and a very corners. You can admire the beauty of some flowers species blooming in Ha Noi like daisy flower. All elements of the weather in Autumn create the best condition for tourists to have a wonderful trip in Hanoi city.

Hanoi weather

However, if you can’t travel to Hanoi at this time, you can take a trip in February, March and April are also a good option. In these months, the weather in Hanoi are not too harsh like remaining months.

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