Helio Danang night market is only open at the weekend, however,  it becomes an attractive destination for young people as well as tourists. Not only enjoy good food but also enjoy shopping and participate in fun activities in the market.

Helio Danang night market, an interesting destination at the weekend

Go to the Helio Da Nang night market to enjoy the super-cheap snack, super delicious

Go to the Helio Danang night market to enjoy the super-cheap snack

The special thing of the night market Helio Danang is only open at the weekend, from Friday until Sunday. The opening hours are from 17 to 22 hours at the Helio Center.

Although a new market was opened quickly became a busy night market in Danang, bringing a very interesting experience.

Besides the diverse food court, Helio night market is also known for its low-cost shopping paradise. Along with it is a lot of activities, exciting music events. Get off the sorrows, enjoy delicious food, go shopping and enjoy the unique music festival is a pleasant experience of Danang night at the Helio night market.

Explore the food at the Helio night market

Go to the Helio Danang night market to enjoy the super-cheap snack

Go to the Helio Danang night market to enjoy the super-cheap snack

It can be said, food is the soul of Helio night market. Because food here is not only delicious but also diverse, you will have a chance to enjoy many dishes with the taste from many regions

Step into the night market Helio, you are not surprised with a lot of food booths, beverages are sold. According to statistics, there are about 150 booths with the innovation and continuous update of many new dishes to serve the needs of customers.

The snacks at the Helio night market are as varied as filtered pancakes, pancakes, snails … along with a variety of different subjects, especially the students are going to date at the weekend.

Not only that, the processing of dishes is focused on form and quality, beautifully decorated attractive to customers at first sight.

In addition, walking around the night market Helio, enjoy the dance of dishes from street food to traditional dishes that is an interesting and attractive experience for visitors to Da Nang tourism.

With the birth of Helio Da Nang night market that brings a place for fun, food for young people, people of the city at night. And if you come to Da Nang tourism, do not miss the night market because not only enjoy delicious snacks but also help you better understand the life and people of Danang at night.

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