Today, exploring nature tourism becomes the first choice of visitors due to the fact that the wild beauty favored by the nature will give people a sense of calm and peace. Recently, when visitors travel to Da Nang, they will have chance to discover the natural beauty like that. This is Hoa Trung Lake, just 20km far from the center of Da Nang.

Hoa Trung Lake– a natural beauty spot in the heart of Da NangHoa Trung Lake– a natural beauty spot in the heart of Da Nang

Hoa Trung Lake is only 20km away from center of Da Nang. From Da Nang, you can move to there by motorcycle because road is quite easy to go or travel by taxi.

This is an artificial lake with the purpose of supplying water for irrigation as well as domestic water to people in Hoa Son and Hoa Lien communes of Lien Chieu district. However, with its natural beauty, this is gradually becoming a tourist attraction or an ideal destination for picnic of tourists as well as Da Nang people.

During the flooding season, Hoa Trung Lake looks so nice. Especially with many small islands in the lake, it looks like a water painting. In this time tourists can have a memorable experience of fishing or kayaking.

In the dry season, Hoa Trung Lake becomes a green prairie with long green lawns. Especially in the afternoon, clouds on the top of the mountain combined with white storks to make it become more peaceful than ever.

Hoa Trung Lake travel experiencesHoa Trung Lake - a natural beauty spot in the heart of Da Nang

With its natural beauty, it has become a popular destination for tourists as well as local people.

To get there, you can go straight from the center of Da Nang, passing Au Co street and turn to Ba Na and go to Hoa Ninh parish. On your left hand you will see a wide concrete road. All you need is to go ahead of this road.

The best time to visit here is October – the dry season so that you can feel the peace of a vast green prairie. Especially, when you come for a picnic or camping, do not forget to prepare food because there are no shops here.

We hope that with all experiences shared in this article, you will know more about Hoa Trung Lake. Wish you have a unforgettable experience in exploring the natural beauty of Hoa Trung lake with your family or friends !

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