If we refer to the famous tourist attractions when arriving in Danang, we can not miss the destination of Hoi An.  it is a ancient town of Quang Nam province, possessing traditional architecture along with many beautiful scenery, only once Hoi An tourism will certainly make visitors disturbed by the rustic beauty and very idyllic of this place

The Hoi An ancient town is  travel destination  that attracts  tourists

Hoi An tourism to see the city of colorful lanterns

                                    Hoi An ancient town has ancient beauty with traditional architecture.

Hoi An tourism has long been famous and attracted large number of tourists visit. By the way, Hoi An ancient town with ancient architecture with traditional architecture is preserved to this day, although it  undergone many historical events.

The house has only one storey or two floors, the two sides have brick walls surrounding, the frame is made of wood is  idyllic and simple as the personality of the people here  that is honest and gentle

Roads in the old Town are short streets, winding around the houses. whenever taking  a walk   on this way, visitors will feel the peace in the daily life of people in the old town

Particularly, there are many Hoi An tourism  that tourists can visit such as the Bridge Pagoda is made of wood crossing the creek through Hoai River gentle, this is the typical architecture of Hoi An. In addition, the ancient houses such as ancient Quan Thang, ancient house Duc An or ancient Tan Ky … will help visitors better understand the life, culture of the ancient Hoi An.

Hoi An tourism, brightly colored lantern at night

Hoi An tourism to see the city of colorful lanterns

                                                           Lantern in Hoi An ancient town at night.

There is a very special thing  when coming to Hoi An that is very easy to see the image of the lantern brilliant. Lanterns of all colors and sizes hang on top of the house and are And when the night falls, visitors will admire the beautiful scenery that only lantern city in Hoi An, that is the image of the lantern is lit, brilliant in the night.

Particularly on the fifteenth day of the month, there is a beautiful scene in Hoi An that will make visitors so passionate, it is not only the light radiating from the lanterns but also the glittering light from the lanterns released drifted between the romantic Hoai River.

Travel along the  Hoai River  Hoi An or sail in boats, row out to the middle of the river to drop lanterns and pray for peace. Along with the light from the lanterns and light flowers have contributed to make the beautiful and shimmering Hoi An in the eyes of visitors.

Hoi An owns very  unique beauty in each house, street corner.  Just once come to Hoi An tourism to feel the beauty and warmth of the people here. In particular, come to Hoi An on the full moon to have a fun experience with the lanterns, drop light flowers glittering in the night.

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