Cam Thanh is known for its spacious, unspoiled nature. You feel and visualize a region of the western water in this area. Having a house near the Coconut forest ecotourism, you can enjoy the moments of comfort, relaxation that thenature brings. If you are not eligible to buy land for a house, you can rent a house in the area. House for rent in Hoi An meets the standards with gardenand beautiful view, which makes you very satisfied.

Experience to rent a house

House for rent in Coconut forest in Cam Thanh Hoi An at price of $ 450
The quality and price of the rental property is a concern for many customers. Understanding the psychology, article will share some guaranteed rental experience.

1. Determine where to rent, find out the current market price

Understand and identify the address of the tenant while considering whether the financial capacity is adequate or not. Be sure to look at the price before you decide to rent, because each place costs differently, the choice to suit your financial condition..

2. Find out what property you want to rent

Having selected the house you want to rent, you must ask the owner of the house for futher information. At the same time you have to visit the home visit, ask neighbors around to capture the information is clearer and more specific.

3. Do not deposit before you meet the owner of that house

Once you have considered, agreed to decide the terms of rent, price and how electricity and wifi water are paid, you have to meet real estate owner then deposit money.

Be sure to choose reputable rental services to contact and do not put your deposit before you even look at your house or whether you are the real homeowner or not.
Nowadays there are many cases of “brokers” taking advantage of the situation that you have a need to rent, so avoid fraudulent money loss in these cases.

4. Read carefully the leasing contract

You must look at the leasing documents, read carefully the contract, so that the benefits are equally divided. When placing a deposit, ask the landlord to write a pledge, specify the clause, if the case that the owner terminate the contract, the deposit will be paid back or not.

House for rent in Hoi An

House for rent in Coconut forest in Cam Thanh Hoi An at price of $ 450

Meet the standard and demand for house for rent with garden in Hoi An, we introduce you a cheap house for rent in Hoi An with all the necessary standards, namely:

The house is located at: Cam Thanh, Hoi An.

Total area: 200m2.

Year of construction: 2012.

Number of bedrooms: 2

Living room: 1 .

Kitchen (kitchen equipments): 1 ( fully equipped ).

Balcony: Available

Garden: Large and cool.

TV: 1 (inside the bedroom).

Air Conditioner: 2 (inside the bedroom).

Fridge: 1.

Electricity price / Water cost / Wifi: according to state price.

Washing machine: 1.

Toilet: 2 (1 inside the bedroom and 1 outside).

Location: Cam Thanh Coconut Village tourist area, 3km far from Acient town, 2km from Cua Dai Beach.

Price: 450 USD / month.

Method of payment (month / time): Payment by contract.
The house is spacious, airy, has beautiful garden. If you are looking for a quiet place or a quiet place to work, this is a great choice for you.

With our rental service, our apartments in Shinraivn guarantee you to choose the right house, take a look until you choose an apartment you like. We will take you to the landlord and let you directly contract with the landlord. You will not lose any fees when working with us.

For more information about Hoi An rental property, please contact us at the address below for the best assistance:


Address: 10F, 81 Quang Trung, Hai Chau, Đa Nang

Hotline: 0934 995 855 (Ms. Suong)




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