Hoi An Ancient town has experienced many ups and downs of history, but so far  still retaining the deep cultural values. The  peace in the street  that veryone wants to live in this place. When you come here, the  memories in the childhood suddenly rushed through vendor street  along the streets and the corner, which  brings the peace to the  soul. It is because of these unique features that have inspired many people to live here, and want to rent a home. To meet the demand, the article will share some information about house for rent with large view  in Hoi An.

Criteria for choosing a house for rent

Are you in need of a house ? You have to be smart in finding the right house for rent with option to avoid unfortunate circumstances.

House for rent with large view  in Hoi An at price of  600 $1. Find a convenient location

Consider carefully and choose the houses for your own with convenient location to suit the needs of living, work, avoid to decide quickly and then move in a short time. This takes a lot of time and money because once you have done the contract and unilaterally terminate, you will pay compensation under the previous clause between the two parties. Choosing a house depends on  the following locations:

+ Near the workplace.

+ Convenient transportation.

+ Near the market.

Near school (If you have children or are about to have children)

+ Near the hospital.

+ Security guarantee

At the same time, you should also be skillful in understanding the information of the landlord you are planning to rent. To understand this issue, it can be through the neighbors around it.

2. Financial preparation

-It is important to calculate your finances thoroughly before making a decision to rent a house. Usually the landlord requires you to pay a deposit and pay 3 months for  rent, or 6 months for rent.

3. Read contract carefully

You need to ask the landlord to make a written contract instead of a verbal contract. The contract must have clear conditions  and terms between the two parties. If you intend to hire for a long-term, contract must be notarized and certified.

Please read carefully all terms in the contract, price for rent,  payment, rights and obligations …

House for rent with large view  in Hoi An

House for rent with large view  in Hoi An at price of  600 $

House for rent with large view  in Hoi An at price of  600 $

House for rent in Hoi An for you if you  intend to rent and live here. House for rent  meets the following criteria:

Address: Hoi An, 1 km to the Acient  town, 2 km to  Cua Dai beach.

Total area: 100m2.

Year of construction: 2017.

Number of bedrooms: 3.

Living room: 1.

Kitchen (kitchen equipments): 1 room with fully equipped.

Balcony: Available

Garden: large and cool garden

TV: 1 (in the living room).

Air Conditioner: 3 (in each bedroom).

Fridge: 1.

Electricity price / Water cost / Wifi: according to state price.

Washing machine: 1.

Toilet: 3 (inside the bedroom).

Monthly rent: $ 600

Deposit: 1 month.

Method of payment (month / time): 6 months or annually.

Not being flood like other areas in Hoi An.

For more information, you can contact us by following information below for inquiries related to rent a cheap house for rent with beautiful view in Hoi An.


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