When you are on the go with your whole family, a house in Danang is much better than an apartment. However, the more convenient it is, the higher it costs. Here are some houses that friendly to your budget that you should add to your basket.

house in danang

Are you looking for a house in Danang?

The minimalist house in Danang right in the city center

Location: Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hai Chau District, Danang.

Price: $604.

Area: 150m2.

Enjoy the retro atmosphere at the house in Danang

Since being placed in a small alley, this house in Danang will give you a peaceful and quiet space among the city center. Moreover, once you enter the house, you will feel like sending back to the old days.

Different from the modern ones, this house in Danang is designed in a minimalist concept with 2 floors. It includes 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, one living room and especially a terrace.

house in danang

The simple living room with a grey sofa and some pieces of art.

The first floor is the place for the whole family to gather together. The living room and the kitchen is separated by a tank and a flat-screen TV. It’s a pity that you can not raise a dog or a cat here. So if you want to live with a “little homie”, a fish is the only choice.

house in danang

You can raise fishes in this house in Danang.

There are a grey couch and a white table in the living room. Besides, to take the full use of the TV, they set the dining table in the living room either. Though it’s quite uncomfortable if you get a visitor while having dinner, it’s still a good idea to simplify your house.

house in danang

The owner of this house in Danang saves the space by setting the dining table right in the living room.

Even though the landlord designs the house in Danang in a simple way, it’s still elegant in delicate details. Once you enter the house, it’s easy to catch the pillars with elaborately carved lines. What’s more, all the windows in the house following French style which brings a vintage atmosphere to it.

House in Da Nang with private zone on the second floor

On the contrary to the first floor, the second floor of the house in Da Nang is for your privacy. The 3 bedrooms are in minimalism style, using the same decoration of white walls and wooden furniture. In each room, there are only a double bed and a shelf. Though it’s not big, the landlord offers each room a window to make it brighter and airier.

house in danang

The bedroom in mnimalism style on the secondfloor of the house in Danang.

One more time, the simplicity but not monotony is expressed by the paintings and inspiring quotes on the walls. It would be interesting to live in a house that you can find the inspiration at any corners.

In case you feel being blocked in walls, the owner of the house in Da Nang provides you with a terrace. On this terrace, there is a mini garden with cute green plants. You can sit on the terrace, take a sip of coffee and observe the peaceful city in the early morning. In addition, the terrace earns lots of sunshine that you can hang your wet wash here.

house in danang

The house in Danang has a vintage terrace.

Furthermore, there is a pool table on the terrace of this house in Danang. You can bring your friends home and have a good time to relax here.

The superb location of the house in Da Nang

The house in Da Nang is in the area where many foreigners live, especially the Japanese. Therefore, there are many Japanese restaurants surrounding this property.

house in danang

The pool table on the terrace for you and your friends having fun together.

If you need to travel a lot for business or pleasure, you can’t skip this house. It takes you only 10 minutes to the Railway station and 15 minutes driving to Danang International Airport.

In addition, you don’t need to worry that your fitness progress would backpedal because you can go to the Huu Tri gym which is 4-minute-walking from this house in Danang. Due to the location in foreigners area, you can reach many spas around to relax and refresh your soul.

house in danang

There are windows in all of the bedrooms in this house in Danang.

One more thing that you should put this house in Da Nang into your basket is that it’s just 300 meters away from the Han river. After 3 minutes of walking, you can set foot on the crowdest street of Danang – Bach Dang Street. The local people often jogging along the riverside in the evening. Moreover, there are many restaurants, bars and coffee shops on this street.

house in danang

Some artworks in a bedroom.

The little house in Danang near My Khe Beach

Location: To Hien Thanh Street, Son Tra District, Danang.

Price: $522.

Area: 90m2.

The cozy design of the house in Danang near the beach

If you are looking for a house in Da Nang for a family of 3 members, this one is for you. Within the area of 90m2, it consists of 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom for share.

There is a small yard in front of this house where you can grow your garden and park your vehicles. Plus, this space is an ideal place for you to do the morning exercise of simply sitting for the morning coffee.

house in danang

The house in Danang with a front yard.

Next, when you get to this house in Da nang, you will see a spacious living room. It’s a simple room with a grey couch and a glass table. You and your family can watch TV together in this living room either.

On the ground floor, the kitchen is next to the living room. Instead of the traditional gas stove, the landlord provides you with the induction hob which is safer for you. Moreover, the kitchen is fully equipped with a kettle, a microwave, and other cooking utensils. This corner will be a place for you to ease the homesick by homemade traditional food.

house in danang

The fully-equipped kitchen of the house in Danang.

The bedrooms are on the second floor of the house in Da Nang. Following the minimalism concept, both are decorated as simply as possible. Each room includes a wooden bed and a wooden wardrobe. To make the room look larger, there is a small window close by the bed.

house in danang

The windows in each bedroom to make it airier.

Enjoy the comfortable house in Da Nang

Located on To Hien Thanh Street, this house in Da Nang is near An Thuong area, the “land of foreigners”. Hence, you can find there a vast number of restaurants with recipes from all over the world. Furthermore, on the weekend, you can drop by An Thuong Night market to find some souvenir.

house in danang

The living room with a flat-screen TV where your family can gather together.

Especially, it takes you only 5 minutes to walk from the house in Da Nang to My Khe Beach. The famous white sand here is the favorite place of local people to do exercise or play volleyball and soccer. If you visit Da Nang in summer, you can have your skin tanned here.

In addition to that, along with the seashore, there are a variety of seafood restaurants. You can catch the ingredient by yourself and have these restaurants cook them for you.

house in danang

The washing machine is available for your convenient life in the house in Danang.

Next, you just need to spend 15 minutes driving through Dragon Bridge to get access to the city center. You can find their supermarkets, markets, restaurants, coffee shops and other entertainment hubs which can blow up your boring weekend.


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