The full of  lantern on  streets, blooming shining in the heart of Hoi An town  that  made tourists visit Hoi An tourism. On the full moon night, the festival or the Lunar New Year, the old town became more beautiful when holding a Lantern Festival in Hoi An. Throughout the streets, bright lanterns illuminated the Old Quarter.

Lantern Festival in Hoi An heart tourists

Lantern Festival in Hoi An will make you fall in loveHoi An ancient town is bright and sparkling, more prominent than ordinary days in many colors such as bright red color, soft yellow color, fresh color … is emitted from the simple, walking through the streets of Hoi An.

Lantern Festival in Hoi An is held in the time from 6 pm at night beginning to dark until 9-10 pm. The festive atmosphere takes place, crowded on the banks of Hoai River near the bridge. Foreign and domestic tourists at the same time indigenous people participate in fun activities, interesting and exciting.

The experience takes place at the Lantern Festival in Hoi An

Lantern Festival in Hoi An will make you fall in love

At the Lantern Festival in Hoi An, being paired up on the brightly lit street with him or his friends is really exciting. Of course, you can not miss the opportunity to capture the pictures posted on social networking sites, to “like sentence” and also contribute to promote the brand tourism Hoi An.

With the Lantern Festival is another fun activity that is dropping lights on the Hoai River. The moment is sitting on the boat, manually drop the lights down the river is a feeling of warmth at night.

Shining brightly on the Hoai River along with thousands of flowers floating lightly for a night of beauty and fade. Not only beautiful but every flower lamp for blessing, peace and happiness for each person and family. The price of the flower lights are often sold along the river for only 5.000VNĐ – 10.000VN / unit.

Taking advantage of the romantic space, many couples have set this scene as the background for the wedding photo, together kiss under the sparkling, fanciful.

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Lantern Festival also takes place with many exciting activities such as lion dance, martial arts performances, display of Mid-Autumn Festival, and folk games and art performances. A great street is also organized by the local dining area for visitors to enjoy the unique cuisine of the old town.

It is the sparkling beauty of these lanterns that so many people have heart and many visitors have bought a few as gifts for relatives and friends.

Traveling to Hoi An, visitors can go to local lanterns production facilities to learn how to create lantern products.

The invisible lanterns that do not create such a warm space for the heart and young people have the opportunity to enjoy the virtual life “on the social network. Put yourself in the line of people at the Hoi An, watching the old streets is a great feeling.

But do not hesitate to carry back and back to conquer the beauty of Hoi An ancient streets through every corner. Escape the deadline of work, escape the cramped room every day, with the same person who enjoy the beautiful, ancient and meditative moment in Hoi An ancient town shimmering at night.

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