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Find a local buddy meetup matching with your hobbies in Danang city

Local buddy meetup matching with the beverage hobby

Vietnamese coffee and tea have been famous around the world due to its quality and taste. Furthermore, Vietnamese people have a big love with it that is not only the morning drink but also a better way to connect with friends. Therefore, it is not difficult to find a place for local buddy meetup matching with your beverage hobby in Vietnam as well as in Danang city.

In Danang, there are so many common coffee and tea houses that people come to in the morning before working hours or in the weekend to meet their friends. However, there are still unique beverage shops that gather those who have the same hobbies. Those are where you can find your local buddy meetup matching with your beverage hobby.

Goc Nha Tui Minh Tea-house (Our Corner)

If you are a tea lover, you should not miss this local buddy meetup matching with a tea lover. When mentioning the tea house in Danang, people cannot miss Goc Nha Tui Minh (Our Corner). This is a really cool place which is suitable for both young and old people. With the ancient decoration, Goc Nha Tui Minh is one of the first tea houses in Danang has started for the ancient trend in this city. Goc Nha Tui Minh serves the truly Vietnamese tea. They are made organically without any chemicals. When coming here, you can always meet people who have a certain passion for tea, people who live a harmonic and delicate life. Goc Nha Tui Minh is located at house number 36, alley number 36, Le Duan street, Hai Chau district, Danang city.

local buddy meetup matching

Goc Nha Tui Minh Tea-house – Source: Gocnhatuiminh

The coffee house

Inspired by the common sentence of Vietnamese “Let’s have a coffee”, The Coffee House was founded. The Coffee House does not aim to build a brand of coffee only. It is where people connect to each other by their own stories. This coffee shop respects human value. Therefore, you will feel like home in this space. Moreover, the staffs will treat their customers like friends. It creates a friendly and cool space for a house of coffee. Besides providing many types of Vietnamese coffee, The Coffee House serves other drink such as fresh juice and juice tea. Coming to The Coffee House, you will meet so many local people who come here for different purposes. Listening to their stories and enjoy the space for the coffee lover in The Coffee House. In Danang city, you can find The Coffee House at:

  • 80 Pasteur street, Hai Chau district.
  • 80A Nguyen Chi Thanh street, Hai Chau district.
  • Slot A4, no 2, Nguyen Van Linh street, Hai Chau district.
  • 9 Trieu Nu Vuong street, Hai Chau district.
  • 435 Le Duan street, Thanh Khe district.
  • 461 Tran Hung Dao street, Son Tra district.
local buddy meetup matching

The Coffee House is a hub for those who love Vietnamese coffee – Source: The Coffee House

Local buddy meetup matching with pet lovers

Today, it is not difficult to find a place for local buddy meetup matching hobbies related to pets. In the last five years, pet ownership in Vietnam has increased. Even though there are still people violates pets out there, the number of people treat pets as human raises dramatically. It is the result of the phenomenon in developed country call “pet humanization”.

These following places are the most popular pet destinations in Danang city. You can be easy to find pet lovers and share your stories to others without shame or worry.

East Sea Park

East Sea Park is located on Vo Nguyen Giap street which is on the coast. Therefore, there are so many activities in this park every day. Specially, in the weekend, there are always entertainment events for local and tourists to enjoy the life of a coastal city. That is not all! People usually bring their pets to this park so that they let them run around and share the pet stories with others. It creates a destination for pet lovers in Danang that you cannot miss if you are having a pet with you.

local buddy meetup matching

Have a weekend with pet lovers in the park in a not-bad way to relax – Source: @37parkmedellin

2 Thang 9 square

Another place for local buddy meetup matching with pet lovers is 2 Thang 9 square. The square is located on 2 Thang 9 street which is in Hai Chau district. There are so many people bring their pets to this square. The reason is that there is a large area with meticulously taken care grass ground, a breezy and fresh area. It is clear that there is no manner for you to talk to people here about your pet. Because it is a hub of pet lovers.

Eastern side of Han Bridge

The street under Han Bridge is a simple entertainment destination of local people and today, it is also a hub for local buddy meetup matching with pet lovers. During the weekday, there are many types of entertainment for kids. Furthermore, local people also have their pets here to relax and let them run around. It is a large area with the fresh and cool air on the Han riverside. There are also public stone chairs in this area so that you can also take a rest during the time your pets are playing around with other pets.

local buddy meetup matching

Park is a great playground for your pets.

Small parks around your home

You will never know there is a great place for local buddy meetup matching with your hobbies related to pets if you do not look around your area. There is a lovely thing in Danang is that people build the small parks around the city. They are not big enough to become famous. These parks are small and as simple as the local people. Instead of bringing pets to the big particular pet destinations, local people usually take their pets to the parks around their home. It has enough space for your pets playing around and contacting others. Furthermore, it will be easier for you to start a conversation with neighborhood and share stories not only about pets but also about life.


Despite the attitude for pets in Danang is not as good as in developed countries, people are changing their treatment way to pets day by day. Therefore, it is not too difficult to find a place for local buddy meetup matching with pet lovers in Danang. If you spend the time to look around your area, there are not only suggestion above, there will be more other interesting places in the city that not only you will fall in love with but your pets also.

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