One of the most difficulties of a foreigner, when traveling to a new place or relocating to another country, is the cultural differences, the local lifestyle adaption, language barrier, and a lot of differences that come from the geographic distance.

A traveler wants to experience his trip like a local, a foreigner who moves for a long-term stay want to look for suitable accommodation and transportation.

The birth of Lodyhelp

Deeply understanding those difficulties of foreigners, we – Lodyhelp – create a technical platform in order to connect foreigners with locals. Through that platform, foreigners in Vietnam can come to find support from locals, so that a traveler can have a unique trip with local experiences, and a long-term staying foreigner will be easy to find a suitable apartment for rent, adapt to the local lifestyle.

What ‘s Lodyhelp ? 

Lodyhelp has a website and a mobile application that is developed by the Vietnamese with the hope to show as much as possible the Vietnamese local cultural uniqueness to foreigners. However, the most important purpose is that Lodyhelp is a place that provides accurate news and the latest updates about thousands of properties for rent in Vietnam.

Besides, an eco-system of the essential services for the short-term and long-term stay will be provided in detail with clear information so that foreigners can find correct information themselves or connect the locals for more support, and also build their network in the local to enjoy a more interesting life.

Lodyhelp is a technology platform to bring real values for users

Lodyhelp brings real values for foreigners and the locals who help foreigners’ life in Vietnam easier and more convenient. Additionally, the service providers will be able to increase the business effectiveness to reach the potential foreign customers, shorten and simplify the business process as well as promote their branding on Lodyhelp.

The real values that Lodyhelp brings to users:

  • Accurate and detailed information about apartments for rent, houses for rent with the contact methods to connect the landlord. There will be always in time updates on the information of the landlord and properties for rent.
  • Updated and accurate information about price and details of transport for rent such as Danang motorbike for rent, Hanoi car for rent or Saigon bikes for rent. There are also truck services available.
  • Address, contact number, and detailed information about the renting services such as laundry, pet, restaurant, coffee shop, gym & yoga, and shopping.
  • The Local Buddy team is always available to help foreigners out with all their difficulties while living in Vietnam, including finding suitable apartments for rent, houses for rent, villa for rent, or transport rental. They will be the ones who help foreigners communicate with the landlords and services providers so that the conversations will be more convenient.

Tips help foreigners’ life in Vietnam easier:

  • Detailed guidelines for those who are planning to come to Vietnam or those who are new-comers.
  • Updated news and trends that the locals are paying attention to.
  • The hidden sides of Vietnam culture and history.
  • Tourist destinations, entertainment hubs in Vietnam.
  • Significant festivals and events in Vietnam.

Lodyhelp mobile application brings more convenience than you think

Away from an information website about the property for rent and service rentals, Lodyhelp has a mobile application. All you need is just a smartphone, let Lodyhelp help you out with the rest by handling all the difficulties in your abroad life in Vietnam.

Highlight functions of Lodyhelp application:

  • Directly chat with the landlords for more information about the property for rent that you are looking at.
  • Directly chat with the local buddies to ask for help about everything in your life abroad or during the time you are traveling to Vietnam.
  • Browse for information about any services providers such as laundry, pet, restaurant, coffee shop, gym & yoga, shopping, and so on.
  • Update helpful information about the local festivals and trends, Vietnam culture and lifestyle.

Local service providers will also find the benefits and efficiency in approaching target foreign customers when creating their business profile on the Lodyhelp application. They can have direct conversations with foreigners through a chatting function to make it easier for the offering.

Benefits provided:

With an account on the Lodyhelp application, the locals will have so many chances to communicate, exchange culture with friends from everywhere in the world. Furthermore, the locals can practice language skills as well as build a good network with multi-culture.

While technology takes a very important role in modern life, a website and mobile application as Lodyhelp is really necessary to shorten the cultural distance and break the language barrier among the locals and foreigners.

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