Han River and My Khe beach are two of the most popular destinations in Danang. People not only want to visit it but also want to stay near them. If you are looking for a house in Da Nang with a superb location, here are some recommendations.

Newly-built house in Da Nang near My Khe Beach

Location: Phan Tu Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang.

Price: $2200.

Area: 200m2.

A cozy house in Da Nang for your family

If you are looking for a house in Danang for your whole family, this one is for you. Within the area of 200m2, it consists of 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and 1 kitchen.

house in da nang

The house in Da Nang near My Khe Beach.

Once you enter the gate, you will see a small front yard where you can grow some flowers. Moreover, if you stay in Danang for a long while and got for yourself a private vehicle, you can park it here. This yard also is an ideal place for you to do morning exercise or sitting for a sip of tea.

house in da nang

The front yard for you to park the vehicles or plant trees.

Next, when you get into the house in Da Nang, you will come across a spacious living room. This is a simple room with a black sofa and white table. With a flat TV screen, your family can gather here and relax together.

house in da nang

The spacious living room of the house in Da Nang.

Private zone of the house in Da Nang near the beach

The kitchen of this house in Da Nang is also on the same ground floor. The wooden furniture and yellow light will blow a cozy atmosphere to your family dinner. The kitchen is fully equipped with oven, microwave, stove, the kitchen hood, and other cooking utensils. Plus, the owner has replaced the traditional gas stove by an induction hob which is safer for you.

house in da nang

The wooden furniture makes the kitchen of this house in Da Nang look cozier.

In addition, the four bedrooms are designed in the minimalist style. Each room has a bed, a desk, a wardrobe and especially a window. These windows aim to make the room airier as well as get the full use of the natural light.

house in da nang

Each bedroom has a door or window to the open space.

An advantage when renting a private house in Da Nang is that you will have a washing machine to wash clothes by yourself. Moreover, you are free to bring pets with you into this property. I’m sure your “little homies” will be really happy to stay with you miles away from home.

The great location of the house in Da Nang

This house in Da Nang is on Phan Tu street, near An Thuong area. This is a “foreign area” which is full of foreigners every night. What’s more, An Thuong night market is a spot you can visit to find some souvenirs for your friends.

house in da nang

The house in DaNang with a common area is suitable for your family.

Besides, this property is near My Khe Beach, one of the six most beautiful beaches on earth. It takes you only 5 minutes driving to this white sandy beach. You can enjoy the sea breeze and swim in the unrealistic blue water. On the other hand, you just need to spend 15 minutes to set foot on the Han riverside. By crossing Dragon Bridge, you are able to reach Bach Dang street, which is full of coffee shops and restaurants.

house in da nang

You also can refresh yourself in the bathtub.

For your long-term living, you can go to Bac My An market, which is just 10-minutes far away from that house in Da Nang. Hence if you are homesick, you can get the freshest ingredient in this market then cook your traditional food in the fully-equipped kitchen. Otherwise, there are many seafood restaurants along the seaside available for you. You can catch the ingredient yourself then have the chefs cook them in your own way.

house in da nang

The house in Danang with space for you to grow your lovely garden.

Other utilities like supermarkets, banks, hospitals are just within 1-2 kilometers from this property.

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Miscellaneous-storey house in Da Nang near Han River

Location: An Nhon 3 Street, Son Tra District, Danang.

Price: $2500.

Area: 300m2.

The riverside house in Da Nang brings you a convenient life

With the area of 300m2, this house in Danang will provide the most comfortable zone for your family with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 common room and especially,  a sauna. This property is a luxury combination of black, white and wooden color.

house in da nang

The luxurious house in DaNang.

Unlike other houses, the living room of this house in Da Nang is on the second floor. It looks fancy with a black sofa and a flat-screen TV. Moreover, it has a door open to the balcony, which can promote you a street view.

house in da nang

The elegant living room with an open door to the balcony.

Next, you just need a few steps to the modern kitchen. Here you are provided with full necessaries such as oven, microwave, induction hob, sinks, and so on. The white shelves and wood table in this room will warm you while being miles away from home.

house in da nang

The modern kitchen will make you feel cozy in the house in DaNang.

What’s more, each room in this house in Danang has a balcony or a large window. They not only let the morning sunshine wake you up but also a good place to relax with your own mini “Babylon”. Plus, you can detox yourself after an exhausting day in the sauna.

The house in Da Nang with 5 minutes to the river

Located on An Nhon street, the house in Da Nang will make every day you live here relaxing thanks to the quiet neighborhood. Moreover, it takes you only a few minutes to reach surrounding utilities.

house in da nang

Each bedroom in the house in DaNang has a door or a window to make it airier.

Within 5 minutes, you can set food on Tran Hung Dao Street, a riverside street with plenty of restaurants from all over the world. If you by chance crave for an original taco or an authentic Texax steak, you should drop by this street.  Or else, you can go to Ha Than market or My Khe market after 15 minutes of walking to buy the freshest food. The Vietnamese wet market food is also a culture that you should spend time to experience.

house in da nang

You can detox yourself with the sauna of the house in DaNang.

Besides, this house in Da Nang is near Vincom Plaza, where the youngsters prefer to hang out with their friends. You can visit here on the weekend for movies, restaurants and making new local friends.

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The house in Da Nang near tourist attractions will bring you a high-classed living standard. You can visit LodyHelp website to find your true home!

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