Danang is claimed to be the most livable city in Vietnam thanks to the friendliness of citizens, the tasty and cheap food and many beautiful landscapes. But one more reason that hasn’t been mentioned is that you can find a luxury apartment for rent at any price you want!

luxury apartment for rent

Are you looking for a luxury apartment for rent in Danang?

Luxury apartment with 5 minutes walking to My Khe Beach

Location: Tran Bach Dang Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang.

Area: 50m2.

Price: $540.

This luxury apartment for rent has a living room, a bedroom, and a kitchen. If you’d love to enjoy the luxury private life in Danang, you should pick this one.

luxury apartment for rent

The luxury apartment for rent for your individual living.

Firstly, once you enter the apartment, the caramel tone of the walls and furniture will make you feel warm. The beautiful paintings in the living room might send you some inspiration when you get stuck.

Secondly, there is no room divider between the living room and the kitchen in this apartment. This is the most common solution for those who want to save space. The kitchen is tidy and neat in white. Since it’s a newly-built property, there are just a few utilities such as fridge, stove, and microwave available. This means when you moving in, you will be able to make it your own cooking corner.

the kitchen is full of utensils

The balcony next to the tidy and neat kitchen.

Lastly, the bedroom is what makes it a true luxury apartment for rent. The light-colored wooden furniture accompanies with the caramel color walls will bring you the sound sleep every night. Moreover, there is a door open to the balcony in the kitchen. This may be a place for you to enjoy the fresh air or simply hang your washed clothes.

luxury apartment for rent

The bedroom of the luxury apartment for rent will send you to a sound sleep every night.

With the superb location on Tran Bach Dang Street, it takes you only 5 minutes to reach the most beautiful beach on Earth, My Khe Beach. There are plenty of seafood restaurants on the seaside where you can enjoy the freshest seafood in town.

>> Luxury apartment in Danang near the famous My Khe Beach.

Luxury apartment for your private residence

Location: Ha Bong Street, Son Tra District, Danang.

Area: 36m2.

Price: $622

This luxury apartment for rent is a studio apartment in which, the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom share the same space. If you travel to Danang and desire to enjoy life on your own to the fullest, you shouldn’t skip this property. The combination of grey and mint color will refresh you once you enter.

luxury apartment for rent

The luxury apartment for rent in the minimalism concept.

Moreover, to save space, the dining table is replaced by a bar table. The kitchen of this apartment for rent is in the minimalism concept either. To save space and make it safer for you, the landlord installs an induction hob instead of a traditional gas stove.

luxury apartment for rent

This is a newly-built luxury apartment for rent so there’re not many devices in the kitchen.

Despite the small area, you still have a double-bed where you can relax after an exhausting day. The large window next to the couch in the living room brings more sunshine to the whole apartment.

luxury apartment for rent

The large window in the living room brings the sunshine into the luxury apartment for rent.

>> The perfection of every part in the luxury apartment for rent.

2-bedroom luxury apartment in the city center

Location: Binh Minh 1 Street, Hai Chau District, Danang.

Area: 80m2.

Price: $850.

The blending of white walls and wooden decoration makes it the luxury apartment for rent you are looking for. With the area of 80m2 and 2 bedrooms, it is suitable for you to stay with your friend.

light and elegant design

The luxury apartment for rent for you and your friend.

There are a flat-screen TV and a couch in the living room so you can entertain here after having meals. Meanwhile, the kitchen and the living room are separated by a wine cabinet that highlights the whole property. There’s also a balcony next to the living room where you can take the full view of the busy Danang down below.

luxury apartment for rent

The living room and the kitchen is separated by a wine cabinet.

Besides, two bedrooms of the luxury apartment for rent is in the same design with wooden walls and white furniture.  The combination of these two colors brings you a warm and deluxe feeling. One more thing you should take into consideration is the bathtub. After a hard day of working, it would be nice for you to release stress in this bathtub.

luxury apartment for rent

You can soak in the bathtub and feel relaxed after an exhausting day.

Thanks to the great location in central Danang, it’s easy for you to get access to other places surrounding this apartment. Furthermore, within 5 minutes, you can set foot on the Han riverside. This is one of the most attractive spots not only among tourists but also the locals.

luxury apartment for rent

The bedroom of the luxury apartment for rent with the combination of wooden white decorations.

>> 2-bedroom luxury apartment in Danang.

3-bedroom luxury apartment for rent for your family

Location: Nguyen Van Thoai Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang.

Area: 82m2.

Price: $1174.

With 82m2 area including 3 bedrooms, this luxury apartment for rent provides enough space for a family of 2 to 4 members. The yellow mainstream of wooden furniture and marble tile will bring you a cozy feeling.

lodyhelp property

In each bedroom, there is a wide door to the open space of the balcony.

To save space, the dining table is used as a living room table as well. The kitchen is simple with a single-induction hob, a microwave and a cabinet containing other cooking utensils. The washing machine is also placed here.

luxury apartment for rent

The dining table is also used as a living room table.

What’s more, one of the 3 bedrooms of the apartment shares the same space with the living room and the kitchen. There is a shelf between them, which is comfortable when you have an overnight guest. The other two have large windows. Because this property is on the 8th floor, you would be relaxed when lying on bed and catch the city view.

wooden interiors

There is a bedroom for guests in this luxury apartment for rent.

This luxury apartment for rent is near An Thuong area, which also known as “foreigners’ area”. You can find many coffee shops and restaurants around this property since many tourists and foreigners gather here. In addition, you can walk to My Khe beach, the famous beach with white sand.

>> Luxury 3-bedroom apartment in Danang near the beach.


No matter how many rooms you want, or how much money you can afford, there’s always at least a luxury apartment for rent available for you. Take a look at our Lodyhelp website for more interesting properties at the bargain price!

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