There will be the most wonderful  when you come to Da Nang City, you can enjoy the direct  view to the sea from your apartment as well as walk  just a few minutes to admire the beach with white sand.

You will absolutely have this enjoyable experience, if you choose this luxury apartments for rent with full equipments, near Da Nang beach.

The location of luxury apartments for rent with full equipments near Da Nang beach

Luxury apartments for rent with convenience near Da Nang beach

Currently, Da Nang luxury apartments for rent services for tourists are very developing. As tourists are coming to Da Nang city more and more  to not only explore tourism in famous places but also want to enjoy private, comfortable and pleasant space belonged to this city.

And the luxury apartments for rent near Da Nang beach are the choice of many visitors because of beautiful sea view, the movemnet to the sea is also very simple and easy. One of the comfortable apartments for tourists to choose if they are demand  to rent an apartment near the sea is a new apartment for rent near the sea, located in the area of An Thuong.

It can be said that An Thuong area is a place where many foreign visitors are staying. It takes just 3 minutes to walk,you will find the beach with white stretching sand .

Not only that, the movement to the place to eat and enjoy the gadget is also so simple. The An Thuong area is a centre of  food and beverage outlets, as well as facilities to help you enjoy your stay in Da Nang.

Real estate of luxury apartment for rent  with convenience and safety near Da Nang beach

Luxury apartment for rent with convenience and safety near Da Nang beach

As the name of luxury apartment for rent,  An Thuong apartments for rent  bring you comfortable and class living space.

The apartment area is spacious enough for a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen. Inside the apartment it is  fully equipped with facilities such as television, air conditioner, refrigerator …  which brings you the best resting space. Besides, in the kitchen the most comfortable appliances help you to create dishes you like.

Especially, the price of Da Nang luxury apartments is quite reasonable, depending on the area as well as the comfort of the apartment.

Currently, An Thuong luxury apartment for rent  still has 4 floors for rent. For more information and prices, you can contact SHINRAI VIETNAM CO., LTD

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