A small “Hoi An” on the side of the Han River

Madame Lan Restaurant – traditional restaurant in Da Nang is located on the side of the romantic Han River. Especially, Madame Lan restaurant looks like a “small Hoi An” in the heart of Danang. The architectural style of the restaurant is unique, space ancient poetry. Therefore, all customers come here to have the feeling of gentle, relaxed and extremely comfortable.

Indeed, Madame Lan Restaurant is not only famous for bold Vietnamese identity but also its varied cuisines featuring. In particular, the culinary characterized of all three regions of this country. Especially, this traditional restaurant in Da Nang cleverly introduces Vietnamese street food to all international guests. Hence, the delicacy in the way of processing dishes will satisfy customers in a unique Vietnamese way. Therefore, diners will enjoy the delicious food, processed from the hands of talented and dedicated chefs.

Moreover, this restaurant aims to bring the delicacy of traditional dishes of three regions to customers. Thus, there are nearly 300 recipes in the menu at Madame Lan restaurant. They represent the unique colors, a variety of typical Vietnamese cuisines. Above all, each plate is selected carefully in the selection of fresh ingredients, flavored spices, ingenious in each stage of cooking.

A real gem of Vietnamese culinary in Da Nang city

Coming to Madame Lan Restaurant, you will have the opportunity to enjoy many unique dishes of all three regions of Vietnam. In particular, from the classic Vietnamese dishes such as Hanoi noodles, Hue beef noodle, “Nem Ran” … to the familiar street food. Typically, “Banh Xeo” with crispy texture but still retain the soft layer of shrimp, meat, bean sprouts, served with sweet and sour fish sauce. Notably, the dishes in Madame Lan are processed according to the traditional style, permeating the Vietnamese soul. This restaurant is sure to bring satisfaction to customers.

So if you are looking for a traditional restaurant in Da Nang, Madame Lan would be your favorite one!

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