Nam O Reef is famous for its wild and romantic feature with long continuously reef. Only when you visit here can you feel the beauty of this place.Nam O Reef - an ideal destination in Danang

Nam O Reef – one of famous tourist attractions in Danang

It was located in Hoa Hiep Bac Ward, Lien Chieu District, Danang. With the width of 2,5 ha, Nam O Reef is divided into two reefs called Ca Reef (the big one) and Con Reef (the smaller one). Each reef is 20cm far from other.

Ca Reef (the big reef) runs along the Northwest – Southeast, 50m wide, 300m long, featuring wild reefs. The Con reef (the smaller one) is located parallel to the big reef. However, its width and length are only about half of the big reef. The small reef is more peaceful and poetic than the big reef. This is one of the special things of Nam O Reef when traveling in Da Nang.Nam O Reef - an ideal destination in Danang

Nam O Reef – bearing a beauty like Vietnamese woman

This is my first impression of this place. A white sandy beach in Con Reef  brings to me a feeling of gentle, shyness of Vietnamese woman.

I can feel the peacefulness, gentle from the sea as the mother patted her beloved child. Especially, when the Sun sets, we can completely enjoy the beauty of this place.

Beside peacefulness and gentle of Con Reef, the Nam O Reef also brings to us the feeling of a strong and invulnerable Vietnamese woman during war periods like Ba Trung, Ba Trieu. They are willing to defend for the most precious things. That is when the waves lap against the big reef.Nam O Reef - an ideal destination in Danang

Despite different beauty of this place, I always love exploring this ideal destination. This is also home of different kind of fish like mackerel, etc. Don’t forget to visit the charming Nam O Reef and try sea food here !

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