Wherever and whenever you travel everything needs to be well-prepared so that you can enjoy a wonderful holiday without any difficulties. Now, we will introduce you some necessary items that you need when traveling in Da Nang.

1/ Your relevant personal documentsNecessary items for a nice trip in Da Nang

Documents are evidence to prove your legal citizenship. Certainly you do not expect to work with competent state authority due to missing or forgetting related documents.

The following necessary items you should bring when traveling in Da Nang:

  • Original identity documents: ID card / citizen ID card / passport – Confirmation of legal citizens
  • Confirmation of marital status: marriage registration – avoid having to work with the police when the man and woman share a room
  • A copy of your child’s birth certificate, a handbook with basic information like how to avoid getting lost
  • Booking confirmation of the travel agency – booking and payment of services
  • Driver’s license in case you want to rent a car for sightseeing when traveling Da Nang.

2/ Clothes – indispensable items when traveling to Da NangNecessary items for a nice trip in Da Nang

Clothes are an indispensable item when you visit any place, not just travel in Da Nang. You can be familiar with climate in Vietnam but cannot adapt the changeable weather of a strange place.

Therefore, you need to contact the travel agency or learn about the weather of Da Nang during the time you travel.  Here is the weather of Da Nang for you to prepare suitable clothes:

  • January to March: Cool, maybe a little cold at night
  •  April to August: hot, sunny
  • September to December: Cool, may be cold at night or during the day. This is the first time in the rainy season, you should pay more attention.

Preparing the suitable clothes will help you enjoy your trip, do not worry about sickness and take numerous memorable photos.

3/ Other necessary items when traveling to Da Nang

In addition to the two important things mentioned above, you need to prepare some other necessary items such as:

  • Sports shoes or flops: are convenient to carry when you need to walk a lot.
  • Personal belongings: Although the hotel offer basic personal amenities, you can bring to suit your own habits.
  • Sunscreen, umbrella, hat, sunglasses are suitable for sightseeing in any kind of weather without the fear of sunburn or wet by a sudden rain.
  • Medical equipment, medicines: cold medicine, car sickness, etc. You may not be familiar with Da Nang weather, so you should prepare some basic kind of medicines to ensure not to catch any diseases.
  • Reserve battery: if you do not have a camera but want to have nice photos.

All of these mentioned items do not take much space in your suitcase, except for clothes. The best preparation will bring to you a wonderful journey in Da Nang!

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