Danang is one of the most young and active cities in our country. It is where many political events held and it is considered to be the most tourist attraction in Vietnam. In particular, from 19 to 21/10/2017, The APEC Finance Ministerial Meeting was officially held in Hoi An, Danang. Preparing for the APEC Forum is one of positive contribution to Danang real estate.

Preparing for the APEC makes Danang real estate changeIs there anything new in Danang real estate

Up to present, the APEC meeting has been held well and successfully. Preparation for the APEC Conference which is one of the international events has contributed to changes of Danang. In particular, the APEC week events will take place in mid-November.

Attending APEC week, Da Nang, Vietnam welcomes the leaders of 21 countries of APEC with about 10,000 international and domestic delegates. In addition, we also welcome reporters, journalists from all over the world.

This is a precious opportunity to promote images of Vietnam and Da Nang tourism internationally. Planning, preparation, construction and decoration of roads, etc. are carried out carefully. Accompanying with this great event, Danang real estate has also increased a lot of other services.

Diversified Danang real estate investment projects

At present, Danang is one of cities that are highly regarded by our country. Due to the fact that this is one of the famous tourist attractions in our country where many large projects such as Han riverside, Son Tra peninsula,…are carried out.

Is there anything new in Danang real estate ?

We will introduce you some plans and future projects changing Danang real estate:

The Northwest Area is being considered as a satellite urban area of Danang. The project is invested by Danang IT Park Development Joint Stock Company (the largest shareholder is Trung Nam Joint Stock Company). The project is built on an area of ​​341ha in Hoa Lien commune with a total investment of $32 million dollars

Cham Project by Gami Group, Lancaster Nam O Resort by Trung Thuy Group. Sunrise Bay Urban Area and three other townhouse projects of Nova Land Group with the total area of more than 115ha of Phuong Trang Group.

Trung Nam Group with one of the largest projects in the North West of Da  Nang – Golden Hills with a total area of ​​400ha.

These are some real estate investment projects as well as plans in the near future in Danang. Investing in Danang real estate as soon as possible will definitely bring you a lot of success!

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