“Live peacefully and settle down” is not the only term which is used for a human, a family. This is true for business as well. You cannot create value when you do not “live peacefully”, whether it is owned by you or rented. Below, we will introduce to you nice offices for rent in Da Nang. Choosing a good rental office will help you “settle down”. Because “Form is temporary, class is permanent.”

Why should you choose office for rent that has beautiful view in Da Nang?

Văn phòng cho thuê view đẹp mang doanh thu lớn như GOOGLE

Choosing a rental office is your choice of location for “live peacefully.” Residence is understood as the destiny, habitation of human’s body and soul. Only when human have peaceful live, they are able to undisturbed in their mind and be creative in their work. From there, the best results can be achieved.

Choosing rental office with nice view in Da Nang is one of the most intelligent and smart options. Because only when you love this place, love the people here, I believe that your creativity is infinite and successful is predetermined

Have you ever visited the offices of the most famous corporations in the world such as Google, Facebook, Youtube, Coca Cola…?  Once you have a chance to take a look these offices, you will understand why choosing the office for rent that is in downtown and has nice view in Da Nang is necessary.

Where should you choose rental office having beautiful view in Da Nang?

Văn phòng cho thuê view đẹp tại Đà Nẵng mang doanh thu lớn như GOOGLE

Choosing an office in the city center will bring you many conveniences in the business. We would like to introduce to you a beautiful office for rent in Da Nang.

1. Location

Located on the City Center

Facing Asia Park – world-class amusement park

01 km away to Lotte Mart

Near conference, wedding center

02 km away to Civic Center

School, market, medical center are within a radius of 02 km

2. Real estate

Office area is 250m2

The surface area can be adjusted into 03 small areas: 111m2; 45m2; 66m2 depending on requirement of customers

This office has been running since 10/2017

Security system, the auto-fire alarm system, garage in basement


10 USD/ m2 exclude VAT

You are able to contact and have more information of this offices for rent in Da Nang at:


Address: 10F, 81 Quang Trung, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng

Phone number: 0934 995 855 (gặp Sương)

Email: sales@danang-services.com

Website: https://danang-services.com/

Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/danangservicessupport/

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