Danang is one of the five cities under the Central Government, and the largest city in Central  region

By 2017 ,Da Nang is one of top city in the nation that  tourism extremely develop. Besides, economic, culture, social here  are very good.iF you have chance to come to Da Nang city , you will see Danang is given the beauty of nature such as mountain, river, plain, beach. arounding is  long strait that  have endless green

Overview about Danang city you need to know.

This city is always green, fresh and peaceful

Danang has mountains:

  • Than Tai mountain: It is depended n Ba Na Chua mountain  reserve This is the most beautiful mountain in Danang. Coming here, you can enjoy enormous nature, fresh,, hot mineral bath, relax with nature.
  • Son Tra mountain: Standing at Son Tra peninsula, you can see all views of Danang city.The beauty of  majestic nature will make you fall in love.
  • ngu Hanh Son mountain :  with 5  peek of mountain combine  with each others . this is a  nice mountain with many sacred caves.

Having  long and larger Han river, this is symbol of this tourism city. In addition, having a lot rivers

* Cu  De river

* Cau Do river

* Co Co riveris (a closed river, different from Co Co river in Soc Trang province)

* Yen river

* Phu Loc river

* Vinh Dien river

* Tuy Loan river

* Chu Bai river

Danang has beaches

* My Khue beach

*Non Nuoc beach

* Bac My an beach

* Xuan Thieu beach

* Nam O beach

Danang has bridges:

* Thuan Phuoc bridge

* Han river bridge

* rong bridge

*Tran Thi Ly bridege

* Nguyen Van Troi bridge

The population of Danang now stands at over 1 million people. The area of the whole city is about 1,255.53 km² (with mainland 950.53 km² and Hoang Sa island district is 305 km²)

Da Nang has 8 district-level administrative units comprising 6 districts and 2provinces:

* Hoa Vang province

* Hoang Sa province

*Hai Chau province

* Cam Le province

* Thanh Khue province

* Lien Chieu province

* Ngu HAnh Son province

* Son Tra province

There are 56 commune-level administrative units, including 45 wards and 11 communes.

The weather of city

Overview about Danang city you need to know.

The weather is cool, slight sunny, tourist come here , they will feel comfortable, relax

Da Nang  is a tropical monsoon climate, with a dry season lasting from January to July and a rainy season lasting from August to December. So, if you want to travel to Da Nang sea, diving view You should go in the dry season. Or you want to visit the famous tourist sites or see the big festival in Da Nang like Christmas, New Year, the calendar should go in the rainy season.

The average temperature in Da Nang is about 25.6 degrees Celsius, sometimes with cold winters so you need to pay attention when going this season.

Holidays in Da Nang:

* New year(1/1): off one day

* Lunar New Year(1/1lunar calendar):.Everyone will have from 7-10 day off

* National liberation day (30/4) and international labor (1/5): 2 days off.

* Hung Temple Festival – Hung King’s death anniversary (March 10): take a day off.

*.National Day 2/9: take a day off.

A fun place in Da nang can be viewed here:https://danang-services.com/vi/news/travel

Food place in Da nang can be found at:https://danang-services.com/vi/news/cuisine

If you are planning to travel,  go business in Danang you should choose the time to have beautiful weather, warm climate, and on holidays in Da Nang to experience the beauty of culture and travel here.

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