When reading the title of this article, many of you might think that why I need to find friends in Danang. But hang on dude, these following reasons might change your mind about life without friends in Danang.

find friends in Danang

Find friends in Danang city to help your life in town easier and more interesting with local culture exploration.

Why do I need to find friends in Danang city?

Danang is the most worth-living city in Vietnam. Therefore, there are more and more people including foreigners choose Danang city as a place to live and work. As a result, the city is going to crowded, busy and rushed. Find friends in Danang city is a good way to help you come across these crowded days easily and lightly.

Besides the colleagues at your workplace, you might need more friends out of work. You cannot come to colleagues to tell them about work pressure. Moreover, people complain about work sometimes. And of course, colleagues are not the ones who hear these stories. In these cases, you should find friends in Danang to hang out in the weekends or go to coffee to share each other stories in life and work.

find friends in Danang

Find friends in Danang city to gather in the local holiday so that you will not be lonely or homesick in these days.

Furthermore, Danang city is a place in which the local culture is significant and unique. When coming here to live and work, it would be a big regret if you miss out the local culture exploration. Therefore, when you find friends in Danang city, you will have a native friend to explore the local culture that not every tourist can have the chance to learn. You will be experienced the local cuisine and sightseeing that only the local knows.

The last but not least, find friends in Danang city will help you to not be alone or homesick in the local holiday. There are many foreigners share that the local holiday time is the worst time of them since they have no home to come back and gather in family happiness. Therefore, if you have a friend in the town, it is the time to gather and share warmness to not be homesick and lonely.

Where to find friends in Danang city?

find friends in Danang

Good and safe places help you find good friends in the local.

There are so many places that you can come to find friends in Danang city. These following suggestions are safe and polite places that we – the local buddy – recommend you. You would definitely have good friends after coming back from these following places.

Joining the local workshops to find friends in Danang city

The young in Danang is dynamic and active. They usually organise the social meet-up which is about the environment, personal skills, educations and so many other topics. Therefore, coming to Danang to work, you do not need to worry about a boring life. There are always active places for you to find friends in Danang city.

find friends in Danang

Workshops will help you to find friends in Danang who have the same concern with you.

Normally, these types of events help the young closer to create the value for community and environment. Therefore, this is a very open environment for you to find friends in Danang city to build the network in local. Furthermore, you can also help to build the community in the local to increase the awareness of the social issue.

There are some organizations in Danang city that usually organize workshops such as Green Viet, Let’s Do It! Danang, Connect Youth Group and so on. Moreover, you can come to find the incoming workshops by exploring the events on Facebook.

Find friends in Danang by coming to the coffee music night

find friends in Danang

Music night in Danang is the ideal place the find friends matching hobbies and music style.

There are more and more coffee and tea shops in Danang hold music night nowadays. It is the result of the rise in living standard. There are not only local people but also foreigners come here to relax during weekday or weekends. In these types of space, people are easier to open and be friendly. Therefore, this is a good place to find friends in Danang city that have the same hobbies or music style with you.

There are some of the famous coffee and tea music nights that you can come to find friends in Danang city. The first one should be mentioned is Nang Acoustic Coffee. They have live music every night during the week. Furthermore, you can try to test your voice since visitors can contribute to performing with the band at the shop. Therefore, it is a chance for you to find friends in Danang who are keen on the same music style with you.

find friends in Danang

Nang Acoustic coffee is an ideal place to find friends.

The second one that you can come to find friends in Danang is Goc Nha Tui Minh tea house music night on every Wednesday night, “Jazz, Champaign and You music night” (Jazz, Ruou Vang va Em). It is a light and romantic space meanwhile Nang Acoustic Coffee is an exciting space. Come to Goc Nha Tui Minh tea house, you will be deep in the old and ancient space which the decoration follows the old style of Vietnam. Moreover, if you do not like champaign, you can try tea in this house. They provide traditional tea of Vietnam and of course, there are imported types of tea that are made in the local taste.

find friends in Danang

Friendly and cozy space at Goc Nha Tui Minh tea house music night.

Find friends in Danang by the local application – Zalo

Zalo is a local application which is used as the message app. It runs with internet data. Besides the fast speed of sending the message, there is an interesting function of this app that not only local but also foreigners prefer to find friends in Danang. It is the “Find people nearby” function. To use this function and find your friends, you must enable the location detective function. Then the app can scan people around you in a certain radian. However, there is a threat with this app in finding friends nearby. People can find you or you might find out the one who is enabling the function for bad purposes. Therefore, be careful when start chatting with people you find out by this function.

find friends in Danang

Find friends in Danang city via Zalo app.


You cannot live without friends! It is never truer than in this situation. When living abroad and start a new life, you definitely need friends who help you in the difficulties. Let’s start to find friends in Danang city from now! So that you can enjoy joy, interesting and meaningful life in the new town.

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