Most people see the words “rainy season in Vietnam” while looking for a destination will immediately jump to other places. They’re afraid that the rain will ruin their vacation. However, this article will show you what you’ve missed when you skipped this tropical country in the monsoon season.

When is the rainy season in Vietnam?

The rainy season comes to Vietnam at different times by region. In Southern Vietnam, rainy season runs from April to September or October, whilst Jun, July, and August have the most record rainfall. The average rainfall during this period is equal to the one in other regions for the whole year. Besides, in Northern Vietnam, May to October is hot and rainy.

The most significant difference between the North and the South is the temperature. It varies so much in the North that you can easily distinguish seasons, whereas it’s always hot and humid year-round in the South. Fortunately, the rain doesn’t last all day but it’s just simply heavy downpours for several hours. So if it starts to rain in the early afternoon, the rest of the day will be beautiful.

rainy season in vietnam

The rainy season in Vietnam in each region for a year – Image:

What can you benefit from the rainy season in Vietnam?

Firstly, since there are many people thinking that the rain would ruin their vacation so you may find accommodations at a lower price. Moreover, tourist destinations aren’t crowded during the rainy season in Vietnam so that you can enjoy your visit to the fullest.

Since it’s the off-season, the staff can take care of you more carefully. You will be able to chit chat with them to deeply discover the local culture.

rainy season in vietnam

The tourist attractions are uncrowded during the rainy season in Vietnam – Image: TriLe Media.

Secondly, you can avoid the severe hot weather in this tropical country. You can see happy faces on the streets when the rainy season in Vietnam begins. It is because they have been too tired of the summer heat and the rain saved them!

Though summer is the high season, it’s not a great idea to walk under 40 Celcius degree and high UV level in Vietnam. Besides, you will be able to enjoy places which look more romantic in the rain and try some interesting indoor activities.

Where to go in the rainy season in Vietnam?

Relax in the coffee shops

Vietnam is so famous for its coffee that “drinking Vietnamese coffee” might be in many people’s must-do list. However, enjoying a cup of coffee in the rainy season in Vietnam will be an unforgettable experience for you. Let’s bring your favorite friends or favorite books to the coffee shop, choose a pretty corner and make an order.

Having a cup of hot milk-coffee while watching the rain over the window will bring you peaceful moments to refresh your mind. All of your stresses will go away to the sewer with the rain. Furthermore, there are some acoustic coffee shops where you can fall into the harmonic live performances of Vietnam indie-pop songs.

rainy season in vietnam

Sitting with a cup of coffee is a good way to refresh your mind in the rain.

Visit the museums and art galleries

Art galleries and museums contain a part of the history and culture of Vietnam. So if you want to know more about this lovely country, you can spend your time on these spots. One advantage of the rainy season in Vietnam is that there are not many people around so you don’t need to press upon each other to see a piece of artwork.

What travel gear should you take for the rainy days?

There are a number of factors you should take into consideration when choosing travel gear to use in the rainy season in Vietnam. It needs to be waterproof and quick-dry.

  • Durable fabrics such as gore-tex hiking boosts and quick-dry socks are a must unless you want to carry wet, heavy and smell clothes with you for a long way. Moreover, it’s also important to keep your feet dry or you may risk nasty fungal infections.
  • Raincoat or poncho: Since the Vietnamese use mostly motorbikes, the poncho is much more common here. However, if you prefer walking, a raincoat is more comfortable.
  • Mosquito repellent: Though Vietnamese mosquitoes aren’t as dangerous as those in tropical rain forests, you should still wary of them. You probably don’t want to deal with the itch or even Malaria.
  • Head torch: rainy season in Vietnam may accompany with the strong wind that can blow the utility poles away. So that a head torch will help you a lot in this case.


Traveling during the rainy season in Vietnam brings you a fresh and unique experience. The Vietnamese don’t let the rain stop them, and neither do you! With careful preparation, don’t be afraid of it because you will find there are so many funs under the rain.

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